How Believing in Santa Is Key to the Life You Desire

BY Carolin Rathbun        December 3, 2019

Lately I’ve found myself frustrated by The Law of Attraction. The Law states: what you think about, you bring about. Think about positive things, and you’ll get positive results.

Sounds easy enough.

As a born optimist, I can say my life has worked out well. Thank you, Universe! However, my frustration has come in the “practice” of this Law. The more I become a conscientious student of The Law, the more I notice my thoughts. That’s the idea, right?

However, the problem lies in that I question my thoughts…

“Is that my intuition, or just a random thought?”
“Should I act on it, or wait for a sign?”
“Is that a sign, or a coincidence?”

 Then my ego gets involved. Because it’s always wanting me to play small in order to stay safe, my ego pipes up with…

"It wasn’t a sign, it was a test.”

So, I ask for another sign, then question it, wondering if I’m just trying to make something out of nothing. ARGH!!!

All the while, I hear the “experts” say:

Start a daily meditation practice.
Find things to be grateful for.
Appreciation is the key.
Feel as if you already have what you desire.

I’ve tried them all—and they all work—I just can’t seem to maintain the “high vibration." “I’m trying to trust,” I’ll say to myself, and then notice that that thought has an issue, too. “Trying” to trust isn’t trusting at all!

Enlightenment seeking is hard work.

All I seem to do is find more lessons to be learned while I feel more and more that I’m not doing something right. (No wonder I’ve been so tired lately!)

Then today, I had a realization (a.k.a. a sign).

When my kids were little, I loved encouraging their belief in Santa Claus. My intention was not to have them believe in the “man” but rather to believe in the “magic”.

I would find myself getting caught up in the energy; my own childhood emotions quickly bubbled up and warmed me because I had never entirely let them go. There was a part of me that still believed.

In Santa Claus, I believed in something unseen.

I believed that if I was a good person—not as in “Were you a good girl this year?” but “good” period, as a human being—and that if I really wanted something, that would be enough; I would get it.
I believed my wish was possible.
I trusted, without question, without trying, without skepticism.

Way back then, without knowing what it was called, I believed in The Law of Attraction—The Law that sometimes comes dressed in a red coat and shiny black boots.

Sadly, for most of us our belief in Santa Claus is gradually shamed out of us. We are made to feel stupid, or wrong, or too old to believe anymore.

Maybe that’s when we began to get off course.

The truth is, I do believe in Santa Claus. I always have. Because I believe in the magic that comes from believing. I believe there are signs all around telling us if we’re on the right track or if we’ve veered off course.

By the way, there are no wrong tracks; there are only lessons to be learned before the next good stuff appears. What do we call those lessons? Gifts. See the connection?

And coincidences? They’re confirmations. We all have the power to create our own realities.

Now I believe I can trust without question, because another word for trust is belief.

Tap into your childhood self, back when you believed in Santa Claus, or something or someone else. Whether or not they came through for you, tap into the feeling you had before the result. While in that feeling, think about what you really want right now.

Believe in the magic of possibility.

I believe. Do you?

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Carolin Rathbun

Carolin Rathbun is a dream-enabler. As a copywriter, business coach, and Infinite Possibilities Certified Trainer, Carolin encourages women to believe in themselves so they can own their value and what they have to offer to the world. Find out how to articulate what makes you unique, how to write powerful copy that attracts your ideal clients, and how to create a business that fits who you are at

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