7 Tips to Attract Good Energy Into Your Home

BY Esmeralda Salinas        January 17, 2020

Most of us are obsessed with the idea of having a beautiful, relaxing home. We may think the right place to begin the quest for good, positive energy is with the living room, bedroom, or other interior room of the home.

But those are all the wrong places to start.

What most people fail to realize when it comes to attracting positive energy is that it must be invited through the front door!

Why Your Front Entrance Is So Important

Our front entrance is the mouth of ch’i (energy), and it is where all the positive energy starts. On a symbolic level, it also brings in opportunities and assistance, and is our voice to the universe that we are open to receiving great things.

When we approach our home with anything but positive feelings, we need to evaluate them and try to figure out how they might be contributing to a negative mindset. Most of us are out of tune with how our front entrances make us feel. And I’m guessing that some of you haven’t even thought about it at all!

Lots of homes now have a garage door entrance, and so we go through the motion of opening the garage and entering through that way without ever really paying attention to the front of our home. Some might even use the garage as an excuse to not have to deal with their entrance.

The bottom line is that when the front of our home looks and feels good, we experience several positive emotions, including pride and accomplishment (instead of frustration and annoyance!) If our entrance is creating positive energy, it will make it much easier to tackle the laundry, dishes, or clutter that greet us once we open our door.

So, what can you do to ensure that you’re getting the most bang for your good energy buck with your front entrance?

  1. Have a welcome mat that represents YOU. Not a boring black one! Here’s a test: if your friends and family can say that they could tell you lived there by the mat you’ve chosen, you’re good.

  2. Make sure your paths aren’t blocked or encroached on. Don’t make it a task to get to your door! If you can’t get to it, neither can good energy. Let’s make it easy.
  1. Ensure that your house or apartment number is clearly visible. Visitors should be able to easily identify your home.
  1. Ensure that all plants and flowers (potted or otherwise) are alive and vibrant. You want to be greeted by LIFE. Being greeted by dead leaves and flowers tends to have a negative impact on a subconscious level. On that note, re-pot overgrown plants and flowers so that they can thrive. Don’t stifle them!
  1. Make the doorway a clutter-free zone. Don’t allow things to accumulate near your entrance. This clutter can lead to annoyance and avoidance.
  1. Include as many senses as you can. For example, place fragrant flowers by your door, use planters in your favorite colors, hang a beautiful wind chime, include a bird bath or other water feature, and vary the textures with rocks, different woods, ceramics, and metals.
  1. Fix things. Don’t let small, needed repairs sit and become even bigger problems. Take care of them when you first notice them. This will all leave you with a better sense of calm.

And just as a bonus tip…

When I moved into my first home earlier this year, there was a hideous catfish mailbox. Yes, you read that right. It was so not me in the least. So, I replaced it with a beautiful antiqued green mailbox with hummingbirds. So gorgeous! And so me.

If your mailbox is less than spectacular, remember that this is also like a calling card to the universe. Your mailbox is where those unexpected checks pop in, and where opportunities of all kinds are sent to you. Dress it up, paint it, add a flower box. Just do something to make your mailbox beautiful and reflective of you.

Here’s to bringing more positive energy into your home!

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Esmeralda Salinas

Esmeralda is a Modern Feng Shui Expert and Designer whose practice is centered in infinite possibility, intention, and empowerment. She helps people create intentional, supportive, inspiring spaces allowing them to experience (and create!) more alignment, balance, and abundance in their life. She practices Form School, which is all about the placement of objects and flow of energy (no directions, dogma, astrology, or superstition here!). She couples this ancient wisdom with design psychology to create a modern practice backed by science. She calls Palacios, TX home, but helps people all over the world through distance consultations.

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