7 Secrets to Feeling Gorgeous and Feminine at 45+

BY Eva Ruiz        April 29, 2019

I never really had any problems with age per se. Age is just a number. It is our perception and attitude toward life that counts. Yet, I allowed some limiting minds to influence me, and I found moving through my 40s a saddening time.

I grew up with a mum who was obsessed with age and looks. My teenage years were marred by the importance she gave to the superficial appearance of women. Luckily, I found the reverence of inner beauty through role models like my grandmother, and some gorgeous ladies, who showed me that being a sexy and attractive woman was about the whole of me. But I remained haunted by my mother’s perspective of womanhood.

It is recently that I have dismantled my insecurities around my age, through these empowering beliefs, knowing that love, positivity and happiness are the best beauty serums on the planet. 

1. You focus on what you have gained.

Isn’t it amazing how much more you know compared to your 20s and 30s? You have acquired wisdom, knowledge, skills and confidence. The lessons you have learned are priceless. Growing older is accumulating a wealth of experiences that make you the person you are today. And when you value them and learn from them, your life is richer and more captivating. Rejoice in all that belongs to you today rather than noticing what you may have lost. Focus on the magic you have gained. 

2. You are bolder.

You have learned that in life you must go after what you want or else it’s gone! With age you realize that it’s no good waiting for the right opportunity or the right person. It’s no good waiting for outside circumstances before you start enjoying life. Today you know that if you want something, you go get it!  You are a woman, and maybe a mother, too, who has given selflessly to the family and others. Now is your time to live your own dreams and aspirations. The best day is today, the here and now, and you grab life with both hands. 

3. You feel sexier.

Do you remember those embarrassing moments as you felt self-conscious of your body? Maybe you didn’t want to tell your partner what pleased you. Today you realize that love is not about the appearance, because love goes much deeper than that. With this freedom you are now enjoying your body, your sexuality. You know you can please YOU! No shame, no guilt, because there is no time to waste, but a lot of pleasure to gain. This confidence is captivating and beautiful.

4. You have made peace with life.

The people who have wronged you, the situations that have shamed you, they can all finally be released. You have decided to make peace with all of them. You understand the importance of letting go of resentment, blame and criticism. It’s not worth keeping grudges or giving your power away by still reproaching the people in your past. You are now taking your power back! Forgiveness is key to a happy and loving life. By releasing the past, you focus on what matters: the present time in love and joy for yourself and others.

5. Your beauty is unique.

It is true that young beauty is flawless, but it is also generic. At 20, you have hardly lived. Your beauty doesn’t tell much about you. As you grow older, your story, your journey, struggle, experience, success is written all over you in boundless ways. Your beauty is unique and exceptional. No one compares to you, your presence and charisma is your uniqueness. When you learn to embrace your originality, you become even more appealing.

6. You know what you want in a partner and friends.

You have come to realize that people do not change to please you, but you also understand that you do not allow others to disrespect you. No longer will you accept deceit or dishonesty. You know you deserve better and you are not scared to ask for it. Equally, you value each person for who they are. Relationships reflect your loving energy and vibration, keeping those in your life who share your positivity. Your courage lies in releasing the toxic people in your life. 

7. You love abundantly.

You have learned the beautiful lessons of life and love. Your compassion for others is greater because you have witnessed what hatred, jealousy, judgement and ego does to a person and a community. Because you choose to love liberally and freely, people are attracted to your kindness and humanity. Your big heart understands that we are all from the same Source, the essence of Love. When you smile onto the world, you rejoice in the love and no longer seek comparison or competition. You are truly loving unconditionally.

Remember that everything you need is already within you at any age. I wish I had understood all this, so I could have looked forward to each season of my life. But it is never too late to be who we truly are. 

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Eva Ruiz

Eva is a multilingual author, speaker, certified life transformational coach. An NLP practitioner and researcher, she helps people reconnect with the love within so they make more conscious choices in life, and become free to be themselves. Eva delivers seminars and conferences on mindset, habits, the power of language, living through love and not ego. She also supports businesses with leadership, transforming conflicts and the impact of well-being in the workplace. Her podcast ‘Free to Be You’, has a global audience, with topics such as emotions, self-love, vulnerability, belonging, forgiveness, relationships. Eva helps you heal from within because everything really starts with You!

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