A Perfect Today While Building Tomorrow

BY Sally Anne Giedrys        February 4, 2015

Summer in both of the places where I live is beautiful. Sunshine, alfresco dining, enjoying a stretch of warm, sunny days and cooler evenings. Trips to the coast, forest and mountains.

Sounds marvelous, right?

Yet, one afternoon not too long ago, I found myself climbing up a steep trail, and coming to the slow realization that we were not at all hiking the trail that we’d set out for. There was no viewpoint. No waterfall. Nothing we were expecting. We were basically lost, and I was physically pushing myself a bit more than I like.

And I could focus on nothing else.

Not the beautiful sunshine. Not the fresh smell of the forest around us. Not the lovely ridge line up ahead. Not the important conversation that my partner and I were having. Until—thankfully—he called me on it.

Here we were, together in a beautiful place on a beautiful day having a great conversation about the things we want to create and are making happen in our lives.

And I was so focused on where we were not, what we were missing, where we thought we were going that I wasn’t even taking it in.

I was missing out on something that I truly value because I was choosing to focus on something else. Something that wasn’t even real.

Talk about a wake-up call.

Typically, I’m one of the most optimistic people I know. I have made it a choice and a practice to notice and appreciate the small stuff. My glass is always at least half-full. At least. That practice and choice has transformed my daily experience.

And here I was, forgetting something that I deeply know to be true. (Yes, we all have those moments.)

We can perfect our experience of today while we create our tomorrow.

We can be steadfast in our intention to create the lives and/or work that we desire while fully living the lives we have right this minute.

In fact, we must do this. Or we miss so much.

When we don’t, we are creating the opposite of what we want. We’re abdicating the responsibility—and opportunity— to choose our focus and choose how we are showing up.

We’re expending energy on what we do not want, what we think we are missing, what we expected– instead of actually experiencing all that is right with this moment.

What if you embraced your life as it is right now? What would be possible if you enjoyed what is while you create what will be?

Once I re-tuned myself, I enjoyed a marvelous rest of my day. We had some important conversations about what we want to create in the future– and what is happening in the present– and the small gaps in between. Sometimes, a little re-framing is all it takes.

Perfecting the present moment looks like:

  • Remembering what is within your control and what is not.
  • Being open to the lesson or the gift in what is true right now.
  • Embracing what’s already in place and enjoying it fully.
  • Having more of what you want by tweaking your schedule, your habits or your actions to have a little of it right now.
  • Relaxing into the flow of your evolving life.
  • Understanding the feeling behind your goals and finding ways to feel that now, not later.
  • Waking up to all the opportunities that surround you.
  • Choosing the attitude, energy and mindset that you carry with you.
  • Dropping the idea that your joy and happiness are attached to external circumstances.

Are you remembering to perfect your present as you work on what’s next? We’d love to hear how you’re doing that.


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Sally Anne Giedrys

Sally Anne Giedrys is a life/career coach, consultant and strategist — and a freedom-focused advocate for dreaming, designing and creating lifestyles and careers that are fulfilling, adventurous and perfect for them. She helps clients reinvent, reinvigorate, reimagine and redefine the status quo to achieve their personal vision of success, balance and fulfillment. She splits her time between Portland, Oregon and Christchurch, New Zealand.

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