This material was the basis of Mike Dooley’s second world tour, shared with over 10,000 people, on 6 continents, in over 50 cities!


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Jambo Fellow Adventurer,

I couldn't be happier or more pleased to announce the completion of Manifesting Change: It Couldn't Be Easier. This material was the basis of my second world tour and was shared with over 10,000 people, on 6 continents, in over 50 cities - be sure to read some of their testimonials.

Manifesting Change explains the actual mechanics behind every manifestation and how you fit into the equation of reality creation, it tells you how to take action on your dreams while not "messing with the cursed hows," and it explains why you are here, who you really are, and all that you deserve. It also includes exercises, stories, and analogies designed to make comprehension and application even easier, and it reveals my extraordinarily unique and wildly received "Matrix," which clearly shows the flow of events that will, or will not, automatically trigger changes in your life based upon your thoughts, words, and actions. I guarantee you will hear things you have never heard from others, ever before.

Your great admirer,

About Manifesting Change

Mike Dooley delves into and goes far beyond his earlier works of "Infinite Possibilities" and "Leveraging the Universe," sharing his most advanced material to date. This program will take you behind the curtains of TIME and SPACE, revealing who you really are, how you got here, and why you chose this adventure.

Manifesting Change encompasses the actual mechanics of every earthly manifestation, metaphysically and physically. You'll see, perhaps like never before, life's greatest truths, your unlimited power, and the vast potential that exists for you to begin manifesting the changes you most wish to experience in your life.

From theory to application, you'll learn the true ease and profound simplicity of hoisting up your sails so that they can be filled with the unfailing winds of the Universe in a journey you yourself will chart. Like the daily "Notes from the Universe," this material is designed to slip past your defenses, into your heart, and plant seeds that will blossom into understanding, action, and life changes. It will help you understand what your heart longs for and how to approach it, while propelling you forward with supreme confidence.

  • Learn how your "thoughts become things" and why the law of attraction works.
  • Understand your role as creator of your life.
  • Begin to visualize your life with more emotion, clarity, and power.
  • Uncover and tap into your extraordinary uniqueness.
  • Change any aspect of the love, joy, health, and abundance you experience.
  • Accelerate the entire process of ushering change into your life.
  • Learn tips, tricks, and tools to raise and re-align your focus.

By the end, you will be utterly convinced of your power, your worth, and the fantastic ease of commanding forces in the unseen that eagerly yearn to do your bidding.

Praise for Manifesting Change

“Finally, something completely new and masterful on the use of thoughts to create a better life.”

Rev. Dr. R. Todd Michael,
author of The Twelve Conditions of a Miracle

“Having been a fan of the ‘big boys’—Anthony Robbins, Wayne Dyer, Earl Nightingale, et al.—I came away with the realization that Dooley is the most literate and professorial of them all.”

Roger Yale,
Los Angeles Entertainment Today

“What he has to say about employment and money is particularly apt in our nation’s current state.”

Nancy Colasurdo,


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About the Audio Program

The 10-hour audio program contains 5 hours (5 CDs) recorded in the STUDIO. Then 5 more hours of the same material (5 CDs) recorded LIVE during World Tour 2 at the A.R.E (Association for Research and Enlightenment) in Virginia Beach, VA. As a bonus, the audio program includes a 1-hour "Thoughts Become Things" presentation. Throughout the LIVE series, the material comes alive between the occasional bursts of laughter and the constant energy buzz that's generated when several hundred people in a room share such a "ride." Every audience is different, but this one's unique energy made it possible for different points and perspectives to be emphasized, making this series the ideal supplement to the studio version. Some people prefer the one-on-one structure of the studio version while others prefer the spontaneous energy of hearing it LIVE. The content includes:

1. You Are an Effortless Creator
2. The Miraculous Mechanics of Manifestation
3. Playing the Matrix
4. The Power to Have it All
5. Opening the Floodgates
6. Understanding Adversity
7. It's Your Turn

About the Book

After much anticipation and years in the making, Manifesting Change “the book” (and simultaneously, the audiobook) was released by Simon and Schuster on November 16th, 2010. The book illuminates exactly how to move beyond the law of attraction to the next level—manifestation. It’s a master guide for following your heart and taking action on your dreams. It includes easy-to-understand exercises, stories, and analogies, and reveals the extraordinarily unique concept, the “Matrix” that clearly shows the flow of events that trigger changes in your life based upon your thoughts, words, and actions.

About the DVD

Shortly after the release of The Secret, coinciding with Mike Dooley’s World Tour II: Manifesting Change, Mike was invited to present “Manifesting Change” to an audience of over 1200 people at the World Trade Center in Mexico City. This DVD captures the highlights of that LIVE event. It’s 72 minutes and includes Spanish and Portuguese subtitles.

Manifesting Change goes beyond the law of attraction, explaining the actual mechanics of manifestation and showing you how to incorporate them into your life. Learn how to focus your thoughts, choose your words, and decide upon the physical steps you need to take in order to achieve the life changes you desire. The practical exercises shared in this DVD require less than 5 minutes a day and can be put to use immediately, yielding fantastic results in every area of your life. You'll see, perhaps like never before, life's greatest truths, your unlimited power, and the vast potential that exists for you to begin immediately manifesting the changes you most wish to experience in your life.

Compare the Book, Audio Program, and DVD

EDITION Manifesting Change Book Manifesting Change Audio Program Manifesting Change DVD
CREATED 2010 2008 2010
FORMATS Hardback, paperback, and audiobook CD or MP3 DVD
LENGTH 56,814 Words 10 Hours 72 Minutes
PRICE Hardback $21.99
Paperback $14.00
Audiobook $29.99
10-hour original CD $79.95
10-hour original MP3 $79.95
DVD $19.95

202 pages, the book covers everything included in the audio program and more. Updated and enhanced for its release in November, 2010, it includes some new insights and enhancements to the 2008 edition. This is the only edition available in print and is highly recommended for readers.

5 studio hours, plus 5 LIVE hours (same material, different presentation) captured during World Tour II in Virginia Beach at the Edgar Cayce Association for Research and Enlightenment before 300 people. The edition also includes access to a free, online PowerPoint presentation and handout.

This 72 minute DVD captures LIVE highlights of the Manifesting Change material delivered to 1,200 people at the World Trade Center in Mexico City in 2007. This presentation also includes some of Mike’s classic Thoughts Become Things material. (Optional Spanish/Portuguese subtitles.)


The book and the audio program contain the same core material. The newer 2010 book edition is more polished and finely tuned, while the 2008 audio program contains complete LIVE and STUDIO recordings. If you were going to buy only one edition, Mike recommends the book, however the earnest student would be well served to read the 2010 book edition and to listen to the 2008 audio edition. The DVD is professionally captured, but the material is condensed down to 72 minutes. Everything in the DVD is also included in the much longer book and audio editions.

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