"You never know where or when the Universe will enter your affairs - only that it will. So just pitch your pitches, take your baby steps, enjoy the journey, and prepare to be astounded." - Mike Dooley

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Praise for Leveraging the Universe

"Mike has been in the trenches with his dreams dashed, and yet he came back. Leveraging the Universe tells how he did it and how anyone can do it. I highly recommend it. It’s as instructional as it is inspiring."

Marci Shimoff,
New York Times bestselling author of Happy for No Reason and Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul

"Leveraging the Universe... challenges [listeners] to harness the world around them as a force for positive change. Dooley embraces spiritual concepts that fall into New Age categories, but he manages to eschew the ethereal trappings of a guru." - Publishers Weekly


Jambo Fellow Adventurer,

When it comes to living the life of one's dreams, there are those who think they must go it alone; that they must be the early bird, know all the right people, and succeed by the sweat of their brow - and they carry the weight of the world on their shoulders.

Then there are those who have read all the books, done all the workshops, and concluded it's simply a matter of surrendering to a loving, conspiring Universe so that their life might be transformed by its magic - and they silently wonder why it hasn't.

The truth is neither are we alone nor is knowing about the Universe and its magic enough to manifest change. The first conclusion is as self-sabotaging as it is sad, and the second is a bit like knowing exactly where the secret treasure is buried, yet never bothering to dig for it. Instead, the trick lies in knowing the difference between what one can, should, and must do, versus what one can, should, and must delegate to an all wise and capable Universe.

Our part is the easy part. We need only provide the spark to light the Universe's fire; to hoist up our sails so they can be filled with its magical winds. Yet without offering these token efforts, without assisting in these modest ways, not only do we contradict our wish to live as fully as possible, but we slide even further away from an infinite grace that tirelessly strives to sweep us off our feet, surround us with friends, and create the life we most desire.

Leveraging the Universe and Engaging the Magic is about using the gifts of thought, word, and deed to harness this grace. It's about doing the least to get the most. Learning what "the truth" is and how to live it, so that the kingdom, the power, and the glory can be revealed before your very eyes, as you discover your holy place in creation - as a creator, yourself.

Slayer of dragons, matador of time and space, rightful heir to heaven on earth, it's time to begin living the life of your dreams.

Your great admirer,

Leveraging the Universe Teaches You:

  • How to do the least to get the most.
  • The profound power of thought and how to harness it.
  • Super simple, super powerful visualization tips.
  • How to align your beliefs with the life of your dreams.
  • The key to blending logic and magic.
  • Happiness and its subtle secret.
  • What and what not to delegate to an all loving Universe.

So That You Can:

  • Get clear and understand what you really want.
  • Stop spinning your wheels, get "unstuck," and start flying ahead.
  • Create unstoppable momentum.
  • Release yourself from the grip of the cursed how's.
  • Rely less on your physical senses, and more on your inner senses.
  • Appreciate the mind-boggling, supernatural gifts you were born with.
  • Summon and leverage the colossal powers of the Universe.
  • Create a simple plan that harnesses life's magic so it can begin working for you.

About the Audio Program

Long before I was invited to speak in The Secret, I launched my first speaking tour that would take me to 24 cities in 8 countries. In preparation, with no experience and "scared spitless," I threw a "Hail Mary pass" and created the absolute clearest material I could deliver on being a deliberate creator, and I called it, Leveraging the Universe & Engaging the Magic. On that tour I shared what we must delegate and what we must never delegate to the Universe, belief-alignment techniques, in-depth visualization guidelines, and how to chart a course and create a plan for your life within 7 steps. As an audio program, this collection of CDs is considered by many to be my best work. This series walks you through stories, explanations, and anecdotes that clearly explain the simplicity and profound power of the Universe, how to get it working for you, and all that you can have. It’s a program for "beginners" and "masters" alike.

The 10-hour audio program contains 5 hours (5 CDs) recorded in the STUDIO. Then 4 more hours of the same material (4 CDs) recorded LIVE during the World Tour in Raleigh, North Carolina! As a bonus these CD's include a 5 minute meditation and a 20 minute "Thoughts Become Things" presentation delivered by Mike to "Unity of Raleigh." Throughout this series the material itself comes alive between the occasional bursts of laughter and the constant energy buzz that's inevitably generated when several hundred people in a room share such a "ride." Also included is a bonus 1 hour interview conducted by Mr. Chris Payne in the UK, founder and President of www.lifetools.com and www.effortfree.com, that provides a fantastic summary of the programs key points, along with plenty of added insights!


  1. Understanding your Relationship to the Universe and the Magic
  2. Choosing Your Path and Charting a Course
  3. Creating a Plan
  4. Being Vigilant with Your Thoughts, Words and Deeds
  5. Aligning Your Beliefs with the Life of your Dreams
  6. Beginning It!
  7. Adjusting Your Sails, a.k.a. Trouble-Shooting

About the Book

This book spurs thinking, incites action, and manifests change for its readers. Released in October 2011, it chronicles my life in the past 10 years, from fear to fortune. It shares exactly how, in spite of DOUBT, UNCERTAINTY and NO LIGHT at the end of the tunnel, I prevailed, and it lays out exactly how anyone else can do the same. It’s somewhat of an autobiographical account of how I personally lived and applied the wisdom I shared in Infinite Possibilities during the journey I began in 2000 when the old "TUT" wound down and I was in the harrowing place of "starting my life over." It’s the story of my journey through the seemingly unending parade of miracles and opportunities that presented themselves once I properly began leveraging the Universe and engaging the magic myself.


  1. Understand Your Power
  2. Chart Your Course
  3. Take Action and Delegate
  4. Leverage the Universe
  5. Align Your Beliefs
  6. Engage the Magic
  7. Adjust Your Sails

Compare the Audio Program and Book

10-hour original audio program (CDs or MP3s)
Book (Hardback, Paperback, Audiobook)
54,000 Words
52,000 Words
PRICE 10-hour original audio program - CDs $79.95
10-hour original audio program - MP3s $79.95
Hardback $21.99
Paperback $14.00
CONTENT The audio program is based on Mike Dooley’s first World Tour. This original edition features a studio recording and LIVE audience recording. The price difference over the 2011 book edition is due to lower job-runs and additional content that the publisher did not include in the book edition. Updated and enhanced, the book version includes significant amounts of new material and clarifications to the 2005 edition. Contains less “fringe” content that publisher did not wish to include in the book edition.
Both editions cover the same basic topics, however the more recent 2011 book edition is further refined, while the original 2005 audio master is more complete. I was disappointed, but sympathetic, to my publisher's wish to delete a number of topics to make the 2011 edition more suitable as a mainstream book. In their view the deleted material strayed from the book's core topic (living our dreams), yet for me it presented a more complete picture of the nature of our reality, thereby empowering readers in their pursuit of joy and bringing about deliberate life changes. Additionally, the 2005 audio includes both a studio recording and a live recording of the material, in which different points are accentuated in each that may otherwise go unnoticed.

Therefore, for the astute and serious life-student, I recommend the 2011 book for reading and the 2005 audio program for listening. If you're in a position to only choose one, I recommend the 2011 book edition, or the Choose Your Own Price MP3s.



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