6 Steps to Attract Your Soulmate into Your Life

BY Carina Rubin        August 24, 2020

Love is one of the most important things in life. Love is our fuel, it’s the energy that pushes us forward in our everyday life. Love makes us feel alive… but if you are reading this article, then you are probably not there yet. Maybe right now you feel very unlucky in love, or you've been waiting for your Soulmate for so long that you think it’s not meant to be, but here I am telling you: “Yes, you can have your beautiful love story and live happily ever after, and I’ll tell you how to do it!”

1. Acknowledge you did it before. 

Take some time to remember all the things you've dreamed about in the past, and received. Make a list, including big things you manifested such as relationships, jobs, cars, etc. and also small ones such as a day you were craving a coffee and unexpectedly someone offered you one. Don’t feel frustrated if you can’t remember many experiences. Believe me, you have manifested much more than you can remember!

2. Figure out exactly what you expect.

Write down in full detail all the wonderful qualities you expect to find in your perfect partner. Don’t leave anything out, because the universe will give you exactly what you ask for. If you just ask for a person to marry, that’s what you’ll get, but this doesn’t mean that you’ll marry the right person or that you’ll be happy in that relationship. So, if your dream is to marry your soulmate and live happily ever after, then give the Universe all the details about what you want your Soulmate to be. And don’t be afraid to fly too high! There are over 7 billion people on this planet, so you can be sure there’s at least one person who matches your description, and the Universe will find a way to put him or her in your life! Don’t worry about "how," your only job and responsibility is to let the universe know "what" you want.

3. Identify what's holding you back. 

What are the limiting beliefs that are holding you back from being in a happy relationship or finding your perfect soulmate? Close your eyes and take 3 deep breaths. Now open your eyes and picture yourself in a happy relationship with the person of your dreams. How do you feel? Does it feel believable? Does it feel possible? No? Why? Write down all the negative thoughts and beliefs that come up when you think about yourself being in a happy relationship. Do you think you're not lovable? Do you think you don’t deserve it? Do you think you're not young/pretty/thin enough? Do you think such good things don’t happen to people like you?

4. Prove yourself wrong. 

Prove to yourself that your limiting beliefs are not true. Find positive evidence in your life from all the people who love you just the way you are. Make a list proving yourself wrong: “My friends helped me when I was in a bad situation... My neighbor makes me a cake every year for my birthday... My aunt spent a weekend with me when I was sick…”

5. Prove to yourself that you do deserve to be loved.

Now that you understood that your negative limiting beliefs aren't true, make a new list including all the qualities, actions, and facts that make you a wonderful person: “I always help and support those I love... Every Monday I bring cookies to work... I gave a ride to my friend when he didn’t have his car….”

6. Focus on your soulmate and your happy life.

Finally, time to manifest your Soulmate!! So now that you know you deserve to be happy, focus all the power of your mind and your heart on your perfect partner. Remember your thoughts are magnets, so go back to the list you made in step #2 and focus on the person you described. The more you think and feel about that person, and the more you visualize your life together, the faster you will attract them into your life. You don’t need to take a lot of extra time to visualize; you can even do it when you take your shower or on your way to the grocery store. Just remember: All thoughts are magnets, including the negative ones, so stay away from them. Don’t focus on the fact that your soulmate is not in your life yet. Focus on all the things you’ll do with them once they arrive.

And most importantly... BELIEVE, BELIEVE, BELIEVE!!!       


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Carina Rubin

Carina Rubin is an ex journalist and ex TV producer. After many years of living an unfulfilling life, she found her true path in the spiritual world. Today she helps and coaches people as a professional Tarot Reader, Certified Angel Card Reader, Angel Coach and Certified Life Coach. She works online with clients from all over the world, and today she’s in the process of opening her Mystic Center “Portal de Hadas” (“Fairies Portal”) in the heart of México City.

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