How to Uncover and Release Stories that are Sabotaging Your Success

BY Jessica Valor and Colette Belisle        August 24, 2016

Do you know the hidden blocks and limiting beliefs that are holding you back?

If you do, do you know the clear actionable steps you can take to fully release those blocks so that you can FINALLY manifest your desires?

Chances are your answer is "No." These simple, rooted-in-scientific-study techniques are often kept secret, but we’re here to blow the kimono fully open!

Here’s exactly how you can uncover your hidden blocks and limiting beliefs and learn how to release them so that you can FINALLY manifest your desires…

First, it’s important to understand how stories (and in this case, money stories) are created...

Money stories are beliefs that are developed early in life before the age of 10, and we learn them primarily from our families. It is necessary to know these beliefs because your beliefs are what create your reality – including what you believe is possible.

So, can you see how that might be an issue if you’re basing your current beliefs about how the world works – and thus your reality – on what you interpreted at the age of 10?!

The truth is, we are all master manifestors. You are unconsciously programmed to achieve exactly what you’re achieving right now – no more and no less. If you want to change your results, you need to change your beliefs.

Ask yourself these questions to begin to discover your beliefs around money: Do you believe it’s easy to earn more money? Do you believe money is good or bad? In what ways? What is your biggest fear about money? Do you believe that your self-worth is attached to money? How so? Do you believe money will bring you all you desire?

Now, consider how those beliefs may currently be influencing your life; for example, are you undercharging clients or accepting low-paying jobs? Are you not setting boundaries or not saying “no”? Do you feel guilty when you buy something you really want?

The beliefs hidden in your money story have a huge impact on how you live your life and run your business or show up for work, so let’s dive into uncovering your money story…

Uncovering Your Personal Money Story

In order to get in the $ flow and release blocks in your way, you must first find the stories that have held you back. In Find Your $ Flow: The Complete Abundance System, we go deep into uncovering your stories, and even encourage you to uncover both your past and current money and love stories. Uncovering both stories gives you a clear idea of what limiting beliefs have carried over from your past money story to your current money story.

To uncover your money stories, you’ll need to ask yourself a variety of questions, including: What did your childhood look like in regards to money? Did your family have money or never enough? What is your earliest memory of money? What did money symbolize to you when you were a kid? How do you feel about money today? What does money symbolize for you today? Are you good with your money? What does that mean for you?

Once you uncover your past and current money stories, the next step is to detach from your old story and release those limiting beliefs and old energies that no longer serve you and your current or future prosperity…

Releasing and Rewriting Your Stories

In order to achieve your unlimited abundance, you must cut the cords to old fears, pain and limitations, fully releasing any stuck energy and blocks that came up when uncovering your stories. By holding onto this energy, it's like you're sweeping it around your house; even if you can't see it, you know it's hiding in the other room.

If you don't fully release the old stories, you actually end up attaching to it further. This usually manifests with language such as, "When I feel down I like to buy myself a treat." Or "I feel bad when I spend money because I know I should be saving it."

At first, you may feel resistance as you release your stories and shift your mindset, but once you let go of the past and rewrite your TRUE story, new opportunities will arrive like pies at Thanksgiving.

It’s important to find a releasing method that feels good for you, so you actually stick with it. This is why in our Find Your $ Flow System we teach a variety of techniques, including: journaling, visualizations, tapping (EFT) and movement healing techniques.

Ultimately, you own your story, which means you get to write it however you want to. When rewriting your money story, consider what your relationship with money looks like in the future: How much of it you have, how you feel about it, how it comes to you, what you do with it, what having money means for you and your family, etc.

Rewriting your stories allows you to visualize and embody your abundance, allowing you to manifest your dream life.


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Jessica Valor and Colette Belisle

Jessica Valor is a spiritual medium, quantum healer and empowerment coach who once served as vice president in a thriving but toxic corporate environment and survived a near-death experience. Find out more about Jessica at

Colette Belisle, MBA (Oxford) is a sought-after international business strategist, consultant and speaker who helps entrepreneurs and experts globally turn their genius into scalable businesses, without compromising a single iota of authenticity. Find out more about Collette at

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