How to Awaken Faith in Your Life

BY Elaine Torrance-Gingrich        January 27, 2016

Imagine, for a moment, something that you really desire in your life.

Perhaps you desire more money, or to lose weight, or a healthier body. As you think about what you desire, you feel good but then reality creeps back in and you remember you don't already have it. You start to question whether you ever will.

Yep, those nasty little doubts have reared their ugly heads. They are definite dream killers! It doesn't matter how strong your desire is, if you hold doubts, it cannot come to you. The Universe cannot deliver what you want. It can only deliver what you are vibrating! Doubt is a vibration killer!

You can have a very strong desire, but if you hold a lot of doubt that you can have it, it will not manifest. If you have a strong desire and hold some doubt, it can eventually manifest, but it can take a long time. The magic happens when you have a strong desire and very little to no doubt. That is when you will see your desires manifest.

So what is doubt?

Doubt is a feeling of uncertainty or a lack of conviction. Doubts usually indicate a limiting belief. For example, I have coaching clients who say that they want to meet the man of their dreams. Their desire for a life partner is very strong. So,why don't they have their ideal partner in their life? They hold doubt that they can have their ideal partner! They believe that they are too old, too fat, too poor, or too jaded, the list goes on and on. Or, they believe they are not good enough to attract their ideal partner. They believe that it's not possible for them even though it happens for others.

As you can see, it is your limiting beliefs that create doubt. What you really want to do is activate FAITH!

Faith is complete trust or confidence in someone or something. You want to hold the KNOWING that what you desire is already a reality on a vibrational level. You just need to get out of your own way so it can manifest in the physical. Remember, with God/Source/Universe (or whatever language speaks to you), all things are possible!

Here's the good news. Your doubts can be shifted to activate Faith! Doubts are indicators of limiting beliefs. YAY! They serve a purpose in helping you to identify your limiting beliefs! And what is a belief? A belief is a practiced thought. You have been thinking that same thought over and over again. Consider this..."There are no good men out there." Is that really true? NO! "All the good men have been taken." Is that really true? NO!

When you question your thoughts and beliefs, you shine the light of awareness on what's possible for you, especially in a Universe where everything is possible and nothing is impossible.

Call to Action

My coach's request to you is to make the decision to awaken your Faith! So, how can you accomplish this? Here is a process that may help:

  • Write out your desires – what you wish to manifest in your life. For each one, ask yourself, "Do I have any doubt this will manifest?"
  • If you've discovered some doubt, identify the limiting belief behind the doubt. Ask yourself, "Is this belief absolutely true?” In criminal trials, a defendant is found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. That is the criteria to evaluate the truth of the limiting belief.
  • What is the thought/belief that you choose to put in it's place? What thought/belief will help you to awaken your faith?
  • Tell yourself, "I choose to awaken faith because with Spirit (or whatever language you choose) all things are possible."
  • Create affirmations around your more empowering beliefs that will help to cement your faith. Your power is always in your NOW moment!

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Elaine Torrance-Gingrich

Elaine Torrance-Gingrich is a Certified Law of Attraction Coach and Clinical Hypnotherapist. Known as the Goddess of Laughter and Possibilities, her passion is to empower highly sensitive, spirit-driven women to view their world through the lens of laughter and possibilities instead of stress, uncertainty, procrastination, frustration, and overwhelm. As a result, they re-ignite their confidence and self-love and learn to live the Goddess Life they deserve using the Goddess Life Method™.

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