Out of This World
...and into Others

7 tales that will have you speculating on the mysteries that have fascinated mankind since the beginning of time!


About the Book

Written by Mike Dooley’s mom, Sheelagh Mawe, Out of This World... and Into Others is an intriguing collection of stories, some of which take place in this world, some in a previous one, and some in the one to come; all with characters who live off the page, share insights, and tell tales that will have you speculating on the mysteries that have fascinated mankind since the beginning of time!


Excerpt from the Book

“Martha is in a tizzy—has been for a few days, as a matter of fact—and understandably, she’s not at all happy about it. After all, it's been a good ten years, since right after the death of her husband of thirty years and the marriage of her youngest child, that she set out to completely reinvent herself. And now here she is, falling apart, just like in the old days. Enough to make even a saint weep, is what she tells herself.

Knowing that old habits are notoriously hard to break, Martha had not taken on her reinvention process lightly. But she'd had a feeling that if she didn't make the effort then, when for the first time in her life she had the freedom and time to do exactly what she wanted, it would be too late. Besides, she'd felt confident that by getting both herself and her life organized and under control once and for all, she'd finally be able to enjoy what had evaded her all her life: peace of mind.”


7 Short Stories by Sheelagh Mawe


A compulsively busy, organized woman, Beth Randall, not realizing that she has died, suddenly finds herself inexplicably floundering in between her various incarnations and in a conversation with her Soul who tries to help her make sense of it all.

One More Time

Sometimes being an angel is not as easy as it's cracked up to be. Especially if one of your 'souls' is as hard-headed and opinionated as Celeste, who always thinks her way is best.

The End of the Line

On his last day on the job prior to retiring, Clive, a weary bus driver, finds there still remains one last task to be performed before he can leave with a clear conscience. An unseen angel assists him in its execution.

The Lonely Little Tree

In this charming story, a bewildered little tree learns, with the help of its friend, the wind, the lessons we must all learn, at the same time discovering its own uniqueness.

Peace of Mind

Martha, a stickler for "staying organized," who lives her life by following carefully thought-out lists, suddenly finds her world coming apart due to an unexpected bit of news.

Battle Fatigue

Surprisingly, even angels get stressed out and long for a break in their busy schedules. The one in this story doesn't get the break he needs but ends up feeling satisfied anyway.

A Long Ago Christmas

This story is based on a true childhood memory of Sheelagh's, experienced whilst growing up in England at the outbreak of World War II.