How Mom Got a Life is the harrowing tale of a newly divorced mom gone stark raving mad... or has she? Filled with humor and insight it's as entertaining as it is a brilliant reminder of how life really works: "thoughts become things"!


A Special Message from the Author

Although the title of How Mom Got a Life would indicate that this book is strictly for moms, really it's for all single parents, whether male or female. And while it's not my story, per se, I did draw upon my own experiences as a single mother in portraying Kate and her family.

Suddenly finding oneself completely responsible for all facets of family life is daunting to say the least. Nevertheless, I wanted to show that there is a light at the end of the tunnel by making this a funny, lighthearted story in which all parents, married or single, will not only see themselves through the super-critical eyes of their kids, but in reading of Kate's bumbling efforts to cope, will take heart and feel a little less intimidated by all those "Super Moms" out there.

Yours Truly,

Sheelagh Mawe, Mike Dooley’s mom

An Excerpt from the Book

“I know it,” she said. “But I guess I had to go through it in my own way. At least now I know how not to be. What a pitiful, insecure, sheltered little ninny I was back then.”

“You were a mess,” I agreed.

“Still, those years were the best thing that ever happened to me.”

“They were?”

“Of course they were. Think about it, Jeff! Suppose there had never been a divorce and I was still married to your father. I would never have been pushed to do anything. Not that I made any great contributions to humanity out there in the world, but at least I was out there and I began to come to terms with myself. It gives me a nice secure feeling only, of course, if I ever had to do it again I'd go out there expecting nice things to happen... and so they would.”


Rave Reviews

"OMG!! I just read How Mom Got a Life - Couldn't put it down! It is by far the BEST novel I ever read! Excellent!!!"

"Thank you Sheelagh!!! You touched and inspired me. I laughed and cried!"

"Just finished How Mom Got a Life and enjoyed it from start to finish - couldn't put it down! Truly inspiring! Thanks for everything!"

"I read it through in one night with many a chuckle along the way. Loved every word!"

"I must have read it 8 times!!"