A children’s book about
life, dreams, and happiness!


Jambo Fellow Adventurer!

Have you ever had a project go suddenly and disappointingly off course only to end-up exceeding your wildest expectations? Rarely has this been so extreme – both heartbreaking and 'whoohoo' inducing – as it was for Dreams Come True.

Over a 3-year period, nothing I said or did could persuade any publisher to take it on. Over the next year, nothing I said or did could persuade the artists of my choice to take it on. Finally, an agency made a timid recommendation, their third and suddenly (over 4 years later!) the project fell into a 'Twilight Zone' of creative serendipities and divine collaboration with the heaven-sent illustrator, Virginia Allyn. It proved, once again, that by holding onto a vision in spite of appearances, taking action, and never giving up, dreams do come true!

Now, however, on the other end of the process, I’d like to remind others what I had too easily forgotten. That while dreams most certainly do come true, only in hindsight are the miracles obvious, only in hindsight can we see how guided we were, and only in hindsight do we find that all along there was a plan.

To your miracles, guides, and the plans that await -


"So beautiful and truly inspiring. Dreams Come True is the perfect little book for instilling confidence, hope and joy in the youngest of hearts!"

- Olivia Culpo

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Rave Reviews

"I think it’s one of the most beautiful books I’ve ever seen! The illustrations are breathtaking… it’s surely the one book a child will always remember when he/she grows up and looks back on all those bedtime stories you shared together."

"When the book arrived I immediately sat down and read it. I had an unexpected reaction to the book, I cried. I loved the illustrations and each time I look at it I see things I missed before, which is exciting... I am so very pleased with this book. Thank you for listening to the guidance that led you to write it."

"The story and artwork are both wonderful. I love Mike Dooley anyway, so it was natural that I buy this book for my granddaughter. Giving children the power to believe in themselves is priceless and it can start with one little story."

"Dreams Come True... All They Need Is You is perfect for inspiring a whole new generation to live consciously and creatively!"

"This book captures the magic of ‘Thoughts Become Things', and shares it in a language that even adults can understand. :-)"

"I absolutely LOVE this children's book by Happinesss Guru, Mike Dooley. I bought three copies for the three little Princes in my life who are busy manifesting magic every day. The beautifully crafted illustrations inspire one to DREAM to their heart's content. This is also a great book for Big People who have retained the childlike ability to become lost in their dreams."

"I have bought this book several times, for my daughter, two nephews, one niece and one goddaughter. It is a wonderful and inspiring book, teaching acceptance, the lack of worth of material things and the power each one of us has inside us, in a simple way. All of the children I have bought it for love it and many insist on it every night before bed. I wish more children's stories were like this."