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The genesis of An Adventurer's Guide was a little story I wrote in 1998 called Lost in Space – see About This Book, below. Parts of it are as close as I have ever come to automatic writing, wherein the ideas were flying through my head almost faster than I could write them down.

It took just a couple of sittings spread over several weeks to write the story, and then about 5 months of finessing and manicuring it, almost daily, to be sure it was as good as it could possibly be.

The result was an original, if peculiar, story that I’m now quite sure is more factual than fictional, about the origins of time, space, matter, miracles, you, me, and the meaning of life. With the staying power it’s demonstrated and inventory levels running near depletion yet again, we felt it was time to give the story a better presentation, a more apt title, and minor text adjustments. Not to mention, the addition of “Seven Spiritual Laws of Thriving in Time and Space” and sufficient journal pages, 60 in all, for readers and explorers to capture their own revelations, epiphanies, and discoveries as the tale unfolds.

The story is short, but it remains long in memory, like a seed that might eventually grow into peace and understanding in the hearts and minds of those who also believe it’s time to wake up.

Yours in the adventure,

About This Book:

In 1997 I shared a long, rambling manuscript of mine called The Time-Space Continuum (TSC) with editor, Eleanor Friede (of Jonathon Livingston Seagull fame). She was the one person who saw its potential when Richard Bach was receiving rejection slips from everyone else. As I sat with Eleanor in her Virginia living room, absorbing her praise, while in a state of deep shock and delight, she told me that my book needed a hook.

A hook? Yes, a hook. Something to make it sellable, memorable, totally unique.

A hook.

Coming from a legend, this request would be sufficient to give any writer a block... and for months I was no exception. Then one afternoon on my back porch, self-sequestered 'until...' I found my hook, suddenly, after hours of literally writhing in pain, it came. And not just as a trickle, but a gush, in the form of a little introductory story to set the stage for the comparatively dry material of TSC that would follow.

Two problems: First, by then Eleanor had moved on to other projects and had lost all interest in me, and second, the new little story clearly outshone the manuscript it was preparing the reader for, and it just wasn’t in me to give the longer 'dissertation' a rewrite. So, I self-published the story as Lost in Space, a standalone book itself.

TSC was shelved, before ultimately being reworked to become the core of my 2001 audio program, Infinite Possibilities. Incidentally, it then included this rewrite of Lost in Space as its intro and epilogue, but titled, of course, An Adventurers Guide to the Jungles of Time and Space!


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Rave Reviews

"Mike Dooley has a way to make you feel special and loved by the universe. This little poem-like book will inspire all who seek a higher understanding of our place in space and wish to find peace within."

"Not only is this book an incredible revelation... the layout is beyond delightful! It is original, fun, and inspiring. This is a book I will treasure all my life."

"A small but mind-stretching book... easy to read with mind-boggling implications!"

"This book is thought provoking and while it made me question how I live and think, it also nurtured thoughts I have had for many years and yet I've never expressed. This book resonates at a powerful level!!!"

"This small book is among the finest I have ever read."