Yes You Should Write That Book (And There's a Powerful Reason Why)

BY Stefanie Fields        September 12, 2018


Everyone has a book inside them, just waiting to be written.

How do we know this?  Because we are all filled with stories.  Stories and experiences completely unique to our own lives.  You could take a group of 100 people and walk them through the exact same day - step by step, everything identical - and at the end you would have 100 different stories.  Every person individually interpreting that day through the lens of their own past, upbringing, culture, present circumstances, if they were hangry, etc.

Everyone has a book inside them, because everyone has a story.  We all have something to teach, something to give, something to share.

As an author, oftentimes people will tell me that they’ve always wanted to write a book too.  My response is usually “That’s exciting!  Why haven’t you?”  And they will say something like “I don’t have time / I’m not a writer / I don’t think anyone would read it” etc.  I can receive these words with an understanding heart, because these are the very same things I used to say.

I, too, always wanted to write a book and I didn’t know where or how to begin either.  So let me give you one big word of advice: Start.

Start small, start something…  Jot down some titles; sketch a rough cover; spend 5 minutes researching facts or character ideas; do a basic outline with index cards; go to the library and see what sort of books resonate with you the most.  The smallest steps count.  Start.

No one is going to write your book for you.

This is the statement I make to dreaming authors that really hits home - I can see it on their face.  It’s a look that says “Damn... you’re right.”  Believe me I wish I wasn’t!  But what’s true is true.

If you want it done, you’re going to have to do it yourself.  Even if someone said “Hey, I can write your book for you!” in actuality they can’t.  No one else can write the words and convey the message exactly as you will because no one else knows your story exactly like you do.  No one else has experienced your world exactly as you have.  Your book must come through you.  Fiction or non-fiction, children’s book or suspense novel; every line comes from your own individual perspective, completely unique to you.

So put the pen to paper, put your creative mind to work, and put yourself out there!

After you start (Congratulations by the way!), I have two more words of advice for you: Keep Going.  Sounds simple, but simple doesn’t always mean easy...

There will be challenges, road blocks, and disappointments.  There will be lots of plot twists!  It can be a tiresome, uphill climb.  But don’t worry, the Universe will surprise you along the way and nudge you right along.  Just follow its lead.  Do your best to find joy in the journey, laugh at your mistakes, keep track of the lessons, and keep going!  Your efforts will be rewarded.

The feeling of accomplishment and pride that comes when that first proof copy arrives from the printer...

You’re holding it in your hands, it’s fresh and crisp and shiny.  It’s a newborn creation that you brought forth into the world.  That moment alone will make every single crappy, gruelling, no-fun-at-all-whatsoever part of the process worth it.  It really will.

So please write that book; that book you’ve always wanted to write.  That book that crosses your mind every day, every couple months, or even every decade.

The dreams that won’t leave us alone are the ones we must pursue.

Pursue your book.  Pursue yourself.

And it might be that you only end up selling a few copies to your friends and family, and maybe a little outside your circle, but that’s okay!  You’re still a success because you did it.  And in so doing you will have inspired others to take action on whatever has been calling within their hearts too.

You just never know who your story will resonate with and the impact it may have. You have no idea the wonders it may hold for someone; your book just needs to exist. Your book just needs you.


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Stefanie Fields

Stefanie Fields is a Certified Hypnotherapist, author, and empowerment advocate residing near Vancouver, BC.  She has proudly published three children’s books for all ages designed to promote joy, strength, and positive body-image through the power of positive words and affirmations (check them out here). If she’s not busy manifesting her dreams or helping others do the same, you can probably find her on the dance floor.

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