7 Things to Recommit to This Fall

BY Regena Garrepy        September 15, 2016

While I may honor the tradition of making resolutions on January 1, fall feels more like the official beginning of my New Year. As the kids head off to school with new backpacks and new hopes for the year - so do I. As I prepare for a new autumn schedule, I feel the desire to get back into routines, make new plans, prioritize, and “do it better” this time around.

I've discovered that I don't need to create something completely new, but rather get back to the basics of what works with more consistency and consciousness. I declare that fall is the true season of recommitment!

This fall, I am recommitting to:

1. Radiant Health

My quality of life is dependent on how I take care of my emotional and physical body. And while I believe most of us know and believe this, it is still a default pattern for many of us to prioritize our “to do list” and our “to pay for” list above ourselves. Eating whole and fresh foods, moving, stretching and strengthening my body, getting adequate rest, increasing energy, and avoiding toxins, are part of my sacred self-care.

If you listen to your body and your heart, what sacred self-care practice have you been neglecting?

2. Creating More Space and Simplicity

In today’s digitally cluttered, super stressed, info-overloaded world, we not only need to slow down, but we need more space to soothe our nervous systems. Mess is stress. I recommit to simplifying my life. From creating more space in my kitchen cupboards, to my inbox, to my calendar, I am decluttering everything. When there is more open space and fewer things in the way, we immediately feel a sense of freedom and ease.

If you scan your life right now, where do you sense you need more space? What can you release, clear, or complete?

3. Honoring Systems, Habits, and Practices

I eat better when I plan dinners and stick to my exercise habit first thing in the morning. I am less frantic when I use my planner and honor my meditation practice. I serve my clients better if there is a process and system set up to get them started. I am more successful when I implement a marketing plan. I have more flow and ease in my life when I focus on creating foundational routines and habits.

What area of your life feels chaotic? What system, habit, or practice can you create and implement?

4. Creating G.E.M.s (Genuine Encounter Moments)

When the demands of work, life chores, and the ding of my phone are constantly dividing my attention, I don’t always give my full presence to those I love the most. I recommit to creating GEMS with my child, husband, and loved ones. Next time a loved one is bidding for my attention, instead of deflecting, ignoring, or feeling frustrated, I want to fully stop what I am doing and make eye contact. I want to turn toward, instead of away, and create a GEM that builds connection and compassion.

Who would you like to create more GEM moments with?

5. Holding Boundaries

I’ve gotten much better at recognizing when my emotions are signaling me that a boundary isn’t being held or needs to be created. I’ve learned over the years that holding boundaries can be one of the most loving things you can do for yourself and others. This fall, I recommit to holding boundaries around technology, my health, my time, and my limits. I will honor myself by setting boundaries for myself.

Where in your life do you feel resentful, frustrated, or angry? Is there a boundary that needs to be created and held?

6. Valuing Strength 

Shrinking back, under charging, not putting myself out there, and biting my tongue are all ways that I have cheated myself out of a fuller, more vibrant and abundant existence. My fear of being judged and criticized has kept me feeling small. The fear of not enough keeps you from not living enough. This fall, I am recommitting to coming back to honoring my wisdom, my strengths, and my talents.

Where have you been hiding or holding back? What part of yourself needs to be valued and honored this fall?

7. Dreams

I can get so swept up in my life responsibilities that I end up neglecting the magic of my dreams. Our dreams are what make us feel alive, and fall is the perfect time to reconnect and recommit to making them come true. Our dreams span all areas of our lives: from purpose dreams (leading a retreat in Bali) to fun dreams (seeing Wicked in NYC) to owning an espresso machine and taking morning walks around the lake. Whatever delights you is the inspiration for living a happier life. I am recommitting to taking steps every day toward what I really want, so I can feel more passion and joy!

Do you have a list of dreams in all areas of your life? Write them down and begin taking action on at least one this fall!

What do you want to recommit to this fall?


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Regena Garrepy

Regena Garrepy is a mastermind for messengers, certified coach, retreat facilitator, and training director at TUT. She mentors and empowers women to unmask their essence, unveil their power and become the leaders of their lives without guilt or apology. Regena leads the Red Hot Visionista Sacred Circle, Leadership Level and the annual Bye Bye Good Girl Getaway in Cancun, Mexico each year. To learn more, visit her website www.regenagarrepy.com and download her free e-book: Super Woman 911. Find Regena on Facebook and Instagram.

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