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Regena Garrepy

Training Director
9 Years at TUT
Zodiac sign:

Aquarius (Libra moon and Cancer rising).

Favorite reads:

A Woman’s Worth by Marianne Williamson, A Hidden Wholeness by Parker Palmer, Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, Broken Open by Elizabeth Lesser, Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling, Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsh, Inspiration Sandwich by SARK.

Favorite music:

My husband’s original songs, Maroon 5, John Mayer, India Arie, 80’s music, Ryan Adams, Coldplay, Jack Johnson, David Gray, P!nk, Bright Eyes, Katy Perry, Edie Brickell, Natalie Merchant, The Civil Wars.

Favorite food:

Chocolate, coffee, pizza, pumpkin, and shrimp, but not all together.

Three things most people don’t know about you:

I am an award-winning lip syncer, I lived in England as a Nanny, I was president/choreographer of a sign language performance group.

Things you love most:

Snuggling, dancing in the kitchen, writing, reading, the beach, teaching and mentoring, running around my lake, my son’s creativity, balconies with a view, Halloween.

What would a “perfect” day look like for you?

Yoga, time at a spa for massage, the ocean, good food, and laughing with loved ones.

What kind of impact do you believe you have on people?

I help people get connected to their essence and inspire them to go after their dreams without guilt or apology.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Coffee, good red wine, cheeseburgers, long hot showers, and Taylor Swift (yeah, I said it).

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