10 Ways that Wild Hearts Live Free

BY Skylar Liberty Rose        May 7, 2015

Each day and every night there are souls that brim with beauty under the light of the sun, moon and stars. They hear the earth call for their contribution and they seek out the spaces that stir their spirit and ignite their imaginations. These are the words that wild hearts want you to know:

1. Go barefoot when you can.
Let your feet feel connected to the earth without any barriers. Get grounded in the way that nature intended.

2. Roam free, maps are not always needed.
Trust your inner GPS. Let it guide you to new paths and fresh adventures. Travel often. Explore the lands that call to you. Let unfamiliar shores show you their treasures.

3. Cage nothing.
Neither your heart nor your soul were meant to be contained. Let yourself soar without restriction. Wherever possible, extend this freedom to all others that share the space of Mother Earth. Let liberty be a birthright, not a luxury.

4. Forget what they told you.
Live without limits. There will be times when you will be unsure which path to take. That's ok. There is no wrong turn. Every step counts. Every mile matters.  

5. Color outside the lines.
Live with vibrance and flair. Take the dark colors and make them part of your rainbow, too. They are just as worthy.

6. Soak up the small moments.
They are often majestic in their own way. Slow down. Pay attention. Take time to notice what you see. We are surrounded by miraculous, natural wonder. Don't miss all the magic by staring at your smartphone.      

7. Every experience enlightens, even the tough ones.
You may stumble at times, you will almost certainly fall. But you will emerge with a newfound knowledge and wisdom. Life is an education that a college degree can't compare to. The greatest lessons often come from unexpected sources.

8. Money is a currency, not a definition of success.
Count love, time, health and happiness amongst the yardsticks that you measure your achievements by. Wealth presents itself in many guises.

9. All beings matter.
We share land and water with many incredible species. Each living heart deserves love and compassion. Never kid yourself that one life is more significant than another.

10. Let your legacy be one of truth.
Live authentically. Live honestly. Take time each day to listen to the whisperings of your heart. At the end of your life, be able to look back and know that you did it your own wild and wonderful way.  



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Skylar Liberty Rose

Skylar Liberty Rose is a writer and an empowerment warrior. She is the creator of Fierce Females which she established as a way of celebrating the female spirit and to encourage women to live to their full potential, rather than playing small. Having found her own freedom by releasing limiting beliefs, Skylar seeks to provide others with tools they can use to empower themselves. She is also the creator of the #15SecondMantra Series. Skylar is an advocate of stripping away layers of conditioning and instead discovering the unique truth within. Creativity is her meditation. She is inspired by courageous hearts and creative souls. She grew up in London and now lives in New York City with her husband. You can connect with her on FacebookTwitterInstagramYouTube and her blog.

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