Street Mail: Recognize Guidance Hidden Within Everyday Reality

BY Sheila Reynolds        April 29, 2015

Consider the idea that spirit is speaking all the time. 
Consider the possibility that everything contains a spiritual message.
Become a Spiritual Detective looking for these messages.

As a channeler and counselor, a question I’m often asked is, How do I access Guidance? Where is it? How to recognize it? The expectation is that it must be something dramatic or out of the ordinary.

Here’s my advice: Pay attention to everything around you. What if coincidences are Divine Guidance disguised? I call it "Street Mail." You know about Postal Service mail, Email, Voice mail, Text and Twitter Messages. Now add Street Mail to that list.

Think of Street as the “street” of everyday life and "Mail" as the messages that come forth through simply living and observing your ordinary reality. Consider the idea that spirit is speaking all the time. You might not notice it if you’re not used to looking at everyday reality like this. Consider the possibility that everything contains a spiritual message. Become a Spiritual Detective looking for these messages. If you are patient and observant, you’ll notice what is taking place around you. The messages will appear to be on the increase, frequently becoming dramatic and obvious... other times subtle, even understated. 

The coincidences can come in infinite forms, and I’ll illustrate this by giving you some examples of my own Street Mail. To prove my point that the physical world is a mirrored reflection of spirit, about 6 years ago I began to keep a journal of coincidences, even the smallest and seemingly insignificant happenings.  

Soon Street Mail began to speed up. I have no idea whether the messages were increasing or I was becoming more aware of the possibility that everything's a symbolic messages from Spirit. It’s like looking for hidden pictures within a picture (a puzzle that delighted my children when they were young). 

Street Mail can also serve as the exclamation point that emphasizes a thought you have. When that happens, I know I’m on the right track in terms of what I’m thinking. In the process of choosing and writing this entry, I received exactly this kind of Street Mail. A few days ago, I was taking a walk with my husband. I mentioned to him that I was thinking of writing about Street Mail. In the midst of talking about this, he stopped and said, “Hold it! Take a look at this car.” We were in front of a Honda Insight and what caught his eye was the word Insight on the car. Of course! Insight is what Sheila’s sight is about, my insight.

The second delivery of Street Mail this week came to me at a Starbucks in South Philly, while reflecting and writing about Street Mail. Suddenly I found myself with an acute awareness of the place where I was and the music in the background. It was Johnny Cash, “I Walk The Line” and the line that caught my attention: “I keep my eyes wide open all the time.” There it is -- the key to receiving Street Mail. Keep your eyes wide open all the time! I also suggest keeping all your senses open and in tune to things around you. After all, this message was one that came as I listened to what was happening around me. 

So, are you ready? You need only make a commitment to practice observing your environment with an attitude of expecting Street Mail. Become a Street Mail detective and jot down instances of coincidences, no matter how small or silly they appear. Be patient and have fun with it. Street Mail will begin to take on a life of its own, often surprising you. 

What do you have to lose? Absolutely nothing -- except perhaps some old beliefs about the nature of reality and the role synchronicity plays in it. You may find yourself moving beyond what you were told as you grew up, “Oh, that’s just a coincidence.” If only people realized in saying this to themselves how they cut themselves off from an amazingly rich reality. It’s like walking through a field with eyes closed to the miracles that light up like fireflies at dusk. Dare yourself to open your eyes and take a close look at ordinary, everyday stuff in a brand new way. Trust that by promising yourself to open to the possibility of messages received this way, you’ll get them! 

As I look back at the instances of my own Street Mail, many of them seem like snippets from dreams. If I had not written them down, I would not even remember they happened. Many seem silly, inconsequential, but some have been very profound and empowering. Other messages have been playful ones, lifting my mood. Many others contain the message that reality truly is a reflection of our thoughts; a powerful confirmation of my spiritual journey, for sure.

I hope you take the challenge of opening up to Street Mail. In the process, laugh, play, and enjoy Magical Everyday Moments. Give yourself the gift of feeling your Inner Guides talking to you constantly.

Let me know how it goes.

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Sheila Reynolds

Sheila Reynolds is a gifted channel of spirit and teacher of metaphysics. Her early influences include the writings and teachings of Carl Jung, Jane Roberts, Alan Watts, and Robert Monroe. In 1978, Sheila co-founded Mind Matters with retired therapist Sandra Stevens, author of Being Alive is Being Psychic, about how they began their spiritual journey in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Over the years, Sheila has helped thousands of individuals enhance their meditation experiences and learn to recognize and utilize their own inner guidance. Now located in Philadelphia, PA Sheila offers private (in-person) readings, long-distance readings, and group classes.

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