5 Ways to Live from Your Higher Self in Times of Uncertainty

BY Carolyn Golbus        September 28, 2020

As the world is challenged by uncertainty, we are challenged to grow into people who are not defined by outside limitation. The beautiful gift of uncertainty encourages us to go within.

Where do we get our sense of peace? How do we let go of our need to control? What is our experience trying to teach us?

As we learn to live from our higher selves, our perceptions of life take on greater meaning. We can see the silver linings. We can feel more peaceful, calm, and centered. We can know that infinite intelligence is at our disposal, to support, encourage, and help us make sense of any situation.

So, how do we get there when our world feels upside down?

Here are 5 tips that can help us get back to our greatest source of strength when life feels uncertain - living from our higher self.

1. Remember who you are.

We are God in action. Eternal. Forever. Complete. This is one of the many incarnations we have experienced, and we are here with great purpose. We have come at a time of awakening and our presence and light are needed, wanted, and adored. There is a bigger picture going on here, one where the temporary challenges of life will come and go. As they do, our souls will continue to remember how magnificent we are and how every experience benefits our growth, individually and collectively.

2. Have a spiritual practice.

Meditation. Yoga. Walking the dog. Journaling. Singing. Flying a kite. It doesn’t matter what it looks like as long as it works for you. What are your own personal ways that connect you to the God of your understanding? What are the things you do that make you feel the most grateful? The more we can connect to our Higher Selves, the more joy we will find. Why? Because our higher self is the part of us that is only about our happiness. Go to this wise, ever loving, confident, eternal, all-knowing part of yourself as much as you can. When you do, you will live in your own spiritual power.

3. See through the eyes of source.

If we are struggling in any way, we have been given an opportunity. The chance to change our story and view life in a new way. Seeing through the “Eyes of Source” is seeing the beauty, purpose, and gift in any situation. A prayer in “The Course in Miracles” says “God help me see this differently.” There is always another way to look at things. When a relationship ends, a job is over, a loved one dies, a loss occurs, there will naturally be grief. We came into a world of contrast and that is extremely painful sometimes. But there is always a new opportunity, person, or experience waiting to greet us on the other side of that pain. You are eternal and so is everyone else. We will have many transitions. Try your best to find the good.

4. Everything arises and passes.

When we feel stuck in a challenging situation and can’t find our way out, we can be reminded that everything arises and passes. We do not have to have solutions immediately. In fact, sometimes the solution is impossible to find. That, however, doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Wayne Dyer used to say, “There is a spiritual solution to every problem.” As we turn to our inner selves with patience and faith, we know that our clarity and answers will come. Our challenges have a beginning, middle, and end. We cannot be at the end of an experience until we have lived through the beginning and the middle. As we look back on the comings and goings of life, we remember how phases have passed, sticky situations have been resolved, and hard times have turned once again to easy. We inherently know, “This too shall pass.”

5. Embrace the mystery.

Life is full of order and magic. At a conscious level we do not always understand why life is unfolding as it is. Yet if we understand that life is always giving us the experience it desires for our highest good, then we can rest in its mystery. If we need proof of this, we can look at our own lives. So many times, we did not understand how a situation would work out for the better, but it did. We grew, gained insight, wisdom and clarity that could be carried forward forever. We have set intentions for this lifetime. The Universe is lovingly giving us the situations, the people, and circumstances to honor those intentions. As they are presented to us, let us welcome each with appreciation and awe. Our life’s unfolding is a sacred, mysterious gift that has been given to each of us for our own beautiful benefit.

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Carolyn Golbus

Carolyn has been an individual and relationship life coach for over a decade. She is also the author of the book, Meeting Your Magnificence… 111 ways to Live From Your Higher Self. You can contact her through her website,

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