Intuition's Link to Being in the Moment

BY Sherré DeMao        March 20, 2019

I made a promise to myself in the fall of last year that I would never ignore my intuition.

I determined I would pay attention whenever I felt that twinge… an uneasy feeling, a need to stop what I was doing, an inclination to act, or whatever my intuition was trying to guide me to do.

I made this promise after yet another situation that confirmed I should have listened to what my gut was trying to tell me, yet I chose to ignore.

I can imagine any of you reading this article know all too well how that feels.

As this past New Year made its appearance, this promise has evolved into an impassioned awareness that has grown as a result of experiencing time and time again my intuition at work.

It was just seconds ago, from sitting down to write this article, that I had the epiphany of the link between intuition and truly being in the moment. So, of course, I knew I had to capture what this meant immediately, without pause.

How many times have you thought of someone randomly, and then did nothing about it?

How many times have you felt a need to hesitate about something, but ignored it because of all you needed to get done or felt you should focus upon? 

How many times have you received inspiration, and then did not act upon it, because it had nothing to do with either what you were doing or felt you should be doing?

What have I learned? By following my intuition without fail, I have become connected to an inner wisdom and I've learned how powerful our internal guides are, if we only allow them to work their magic.

Why do we ignore our intuition?  Our past and future are to blame, either distracting us or guilting us into ignoring what our gut is trying to tell us.

Being in the now, even for a few seconds, can make all the difference in bringing more power to your intuition.

1. The past blocks intuition's power.

You meet someone and you get a tinge that this is someone you cannot trust because they remind you of someone else who was found to be untrustworthy. You may decide to ignore it because you are trying to put the past behind you. You may decide immediately this person is untrustworthy. Either way, the past has won, not your intuition.

That feeling may be trying to prod you to learn more to confirm this person is trustworthy. It may be telling you to take that moment to ask a pivotal question or gain some insight for greater clarity, especially because of your past experience. Our intuition knows that making assumptions is what causes problems.

2. The future overrides intuition's power.

Have you thought of someone, met someone, or had an inclinaton to act upon something, and you decided to wait because of other things you needed to get done?

The things needing done are in the future, yet you have given them all the power, instead of your intuition. What if following your intuition to contact that person or take that action actually results in some of what you thought needed to get done?

In one instance, I was attending a networking function and ran into someone I had not seen in years. My pre-intuitive self would have just crossed that off to it being a logical place for this person to be. However, I was now in tune with myself, and my intuition was screaming that I needed to contact this person that next morning.

The end result? She has an expertise I can leverage versus having to learn it myself (one of my future to-do's that is now no longer necessary). This has changed some of my other future actions for greater efficiency and effectiveness. Had I ignored my intuition, I would be spending unnecessary time learning something I did not need to learn, as this particular skill was better for me to delegate. My intuition knew and I am grateful.  

3. Our subconscious focuses on now.

Have you found your mind racing with myriad thoughts when you are driving, and the next thing you know, you have arrived at your destination amazed because you were not paying attention?

What if you arrive at a different destination than you intended? I guarantee there was a reason. This means your subconscious was guided by your intuition. This happened to me. I decided I had a few minutes between meetings one morning to pop into a store to buy a couple of health/beauty items. I decided to go to a specific retailer because one particular item I planned to purchase was significantly cheaper compared to a nearby retailer. 

The next thing I know, from the few minutes that I made that decision in my car, I am sitting in the parking lot of the other retailer. I almost pulled back out, and then remembered  the promise I had made to myself.

So, I went in to purchase my items there instead. At the checkout, I had rewards I did not realize I had, resulting in a bigger savings than expected at the place I had intended to go. While heading to my car, I ran into someone who had been difficult to reach. I got the answer I needed and unexpectedly checked another to-do off my list. Wow!

Yes, by sitting down to write this article, some things on my to-do list got pushed further out. I am excited to learn what my intuition knew and will reward me with next, for being in this moment.

Every moment your senses are seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling, and even tasting with your intuition ready to interpret. However, if you aren't in the moment, you may miss the clues being sent to you.

Be in the moment. You'll thank your intuition.


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Sherré DeMao

Sherré DeMao's passion is inspiring new thinking to empower positive change. Her books, speaking, guidance and Dream Wide Awake blog and ezine inspire people around the globe to embrace their own power in realizing their ultimate lives. As a Strategy Maestro and growth consultant to entrepreneurs, Sherré helps business owners and their team members realize true satisfaction and prosperity personally and professionally. She believes that opportunities abound. It's just a matter of thinking beyond what you see and visioning beyond what you think.

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