5 Ways to Be Single and Happy During the Holidays

BY Amanda Marit        December 6, 2017

The holidays can bring up quite a bit of fear and feelings of loneliness for those who aren’t attached. It’s a time when the energy of love and togetherness is blasted on every billboard, in holiday songs, and at parties. Beyond that, you attend family gatherings and get asked the dreaded question, “Are you dating anyone?” You try to brush it off, but it brings up feelings of loneliness within you. You wish you had someone to share this special time with.

A belief I often see reflected in our society is that if you’re single, you must be lonely and pining for love, but this couldn’t be further from the truth! I believe being single is a gift and an experience in which we can spend time getting to know ourselves, find out what we truly desire, and create a life that feels EPIC from the inside out. You’re also likely not dreaming of a mediocre love life, which is why you’ve stumbled on this post. You’re not going to date someone for the sake of having a hand to hold. You want deep love and nothing less than magic! So instead of feeling bad about rockin’ this holiday out solo, here are 5 ways to be single and happy during the holidays!

1. Decide to date yourself and have a blast with it. 
Instead of feeling down that you’re “still single,” see this time as a gift. Decide that you’re going to turn up the volume on loving yourself extra and treat yourself like you would someone you absolutely adore! Go out of your way and cook yourself your favorite nourishing meal, adding in some extra love, buy yourself flowers, and wear something that makes you feel amazing. After all, you deserve your own love, and this will give you an instant boost.

2. When you see a happy couple, take it as a sign that it’s coming for you. 
Instead of thinking of it as a reminder of what you don’t have… trust that it’s a sign from the Universe that love is finding you. It’s simply a reflection of what is possible. The more you feel happiness and joy for others, the more open you are to having it show up for you. Every single time you see a happy couple, celebrate that it’s available for you too.

3. When family and friends ask you why you’re still single, respond with something light-hearted.
Have fun with it instead of allowing it to bring you down into a loneliness spiral. Try a response like this: “I absolutely know it’s coming for me. It’ll happen in the perfect time and I can feel it.” Don’t let your mind get into it about not being in a relationship. You deserve the best and you’re not going to settle for less than magic, are you? I didn’t think so!

4. Plan a single ladies night in. 
Invite your friends over for some bubbly and appetizers for a fun, feel-good evening. Grab a separate sheet of paper for each person, with their name at the top. Pass each sheet around and have everyone write out what they love about each person. When you’re finished, have each person read their own list out loud. This is such a perfect way to remind yourself and your friends of how absolutely amazing and worthy you all are.

5. Make a list of 10 things you love about yourself.
After you’re finished writing your list, expand upon each and include your “why.” Hang the paper up somewhere you can see it every day. The bathroom mirror is a great spot. The more you focus on what you love and appreciate about yourself, you begin to see your value and step into confidence with who you are. When we focus on what we dislike about ourselves, our confidence decreases. You will notice a huge shift in the type of men you attract when you’re tapped into your magic and feeling authentically confident.

If you’re reading this, I want you to know that love is 100% out there for you. Your man will hit the gas pedal and find you more quickly once you show up more fully for your own heart. Take this time to celebrate yourself and the gift you are to the world. It is possible to be both happy and single during the holidays, and I can’t wait to hear how it goes for you!

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Amanda Marit

Amanda is a Spiritual Life Coach, awakening and guiding hearts into their highest potential for love and bliss. After years of searching for love from the outside world, she found herself in a continuous cycle of negative dating patterns. After hitting a breaking point, she woke up to the knowing that what she needed most was her own love, and once she gave it to herself, everything in her life transformed. Through stepping into her own journey of self-love and self-worth, she now teaches and coaches women all over the world in matters of the heart.

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