10 Ways to Activate Happiness in Your Life

BY Nikky Dhillon        May 18, 2017

We all desire things in our life that we think will bring us happiness, peace, and security -- whether that's more money, love, or better health.

As deliberate creators we know, and have perhaps experienced, that nothing external to us can make us happy in a permanent way.

Even if you're a master manifestor, you know that the happiness you feel when you receive what you want is short lived, because very quickly you are on to the next thing that you want to manifest.

Moreover, no matter how wonderful your life circumstances are, you will continue to feel the emotions that you are addicted to. The thought habits that you carry with you all the time determine how you feel most of the time. So, to get good at manifesting is just one end of the stick; the other end requires the art of activating happiness and letting go of worry, stress, sadness, and anxiety. 

Here are 10 ways to activate happiness in your life, no matter what your current circumstances:

1. Pay attention to only what pleases you.
If that means being ignorant to some of the information about the real world, then so be it. During the global recession when the news was all about lack of jobs and money, I stopped watching the news and listening to others tell their 'lack of' stories. I only gave my attention to thoughts of how well things were going for us. And in all that chaos we received one of the biggest opportunities of our lives - to move to and work in another country that gave us a better quality of life.

2. Meditate. 
It doesn't always have to be a formal meditation of sitting in silence. It can just be lying on the couch and gazing. It can just be going inwards and focusing on your breath while you commute to work. It can just be going though your ideal day in your mind before falling asleep.

3. Exercise. 
Move your body in a deliberate way every day. Feel the energy moving in your body when you exercise. It could be a walk or a swim, yoga or the gym. And if you can move your body in nature that's a sure way of activating happiness.

4. Nourish your body. 
Drink alkaline water (preferably 1 liter to every 22 kilos of your body weight), eat healthy and wholesome food filled with micro nutrients. 

5. Love your body. 
Develop a healthy relationship with your body. Be kind to it. Treat it well. Thank it for supporting you. Acknowledge the way it communicates with you.

6. Be kind and loving to yourself. 
When you take things personally, when you berate yourself, when you beat yourself up for failing and not being perfect, you cut yourself off from your higher self/source/inner- being. To feel true happiness, accept yourself and love your mistakes, failures, bad judgements and all of your choices. Know that each phase of your life has helped you to get clear on what you really want. You can minimize your suffering by being kind and loving to yourself.

7. Connect with people. 
Whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, connecting with people daily will enhance the quality of your life and contribute to your happiness. Hug, smile, make eye-contact, hold hands, and laugh often with the people you have in your life.

8. Nurture beliefs that serve you. 
Like "the universe has my back," "everything turns out fine for me," "I am loved," "I am special," "This world is a safe place," "People are nice." (Beliefs are simply thoughts that you have thought of many times.)

9. Get enough sleep.
When you're tired, you aren't aware of how you're feeling. You can't tune into your higher guidance. It's easy for resistance to build up in the form of fear, worry, or anxiety. So get enough sleep to wake up feeling refreshed and energized.

10. Appreciate. 
Appreciation carries the highest vibration and is an amazing thing to practice. Practice means the more you do it, the better you get. Appreciate the things that you have in your life that are good. Every night when I put my head on my pillow, I appreciate how comfortable and beautiful my bed is. Appreciate the experiences you have; even the simple ones can bring you joy when you appreciate them, like seeing the sun set or enjoying a delicious cup of coffee.

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Nikky Dhillon

Nikky’s mission is to guide, teach, coach and empower people to use their thoughts and feelings as a guide to living a life full of harmony, love, and happy days. Nikky helps people understand the power of their alignment and how to use it to live a life that they choose rather than a life that chooses them. Her strength in coaching is in the areas of parenting, self-esteem, and creating more happy days, irrespective of what's happening in your life (which, as you will learn, will also help you manifest the things you really desire). 

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