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7 Universal Truths That Will Change Your Life

BY Lamisha Serf-Walls        September 1, 2020

If there is one thing I have learned about life it is that we are ruled by some truly magnificent laws and universal truths that when understood, have the power to transform our lives in brilliant ways.  Over the years, I’ve learned a few in particular that have helped me tap into the magic of life I never knew existed, and they can do the same for you too.

One thing I can guarantee you is that these universal truths apply to you no matter where you are in life or what mistakes you’ve made in the past. So read them, apply them, believe in them, and watch as the magic unfolds in your life.

1. It’s all about the energy. 
Everything is made up of energy and whether you are trying to manifest the car or partner of your dreams or you are looking to find your purpose, it all boils down to your vibration and energy.  Be mindful of your thoughts, beliefs, self-talk, and the vibes you put out to the world, because what you put out is exactly what you will get back. When in doubt, check your energy and adjust accordingly.

2. We all have a purpose in this life and it may not be what you think. 
You have a gift, talent, or perspective in life that no one else has, and your purpose is to share that with the world. While many people believe that life purpose and career choices go hand-in-hand, that isn’t always the case. Whether you have a gift of speaking, writing, singing, or simply caring for others, your true purpose is to be you and share those gifts with the people around you. As you evolve, your gifts do too, so make sure you use them, share them, apply them, but whatever you do, don't waste them. Life is too precious to leave your song unsung, your book unwritten, or your dreams undone. Stop questioning if you are good enough, special enough, or gifted enough to do it. You absolutely are!

3. There will always be a seemingly good reason to wait. 
You may want to wait until you have more money, experience, time, courage, or when you are smaller, wiser, healthier or more mentally prepared, but the truth is there is no "perfect" time to do anything. Life changes daily and as long as you use that as an excuse to keep waiting, you’ll never begin. Do yourself a favor and stop waiting.

4. Movement creates momentum and magic. 
Simple steps turn into big hits of inspiration that will open doors of opportunities you never knew were possible. This world is made of an intricate, seemingly invisible web that connects us all to amazing opportunities and possibilities. Your job is to take the first step and follow that web through your inspiration.  A simple phone call, email, web search, or coffee date has the power to open up doors you could have never planned for in your wildest dreams. Baby steps lead to bold moves and big opportunities. So never be afraid that the steps you take are too small. Even the smallest act can create enough momentum to provide more progress than you know.

5. All the answers you need lie within. 
We all come equipped with a beautiful guiding system. When you are tapped into it, it will guide you along your path almost effortlessly. You may know this as your gut feeling or tuning into your intuition, but when you are truly tuned into it, you’ll find all of the connections, information, and next steps you need to move you along your path. The best part is that the formula is simple. Listen, trust, and act on your inspired ideas. It really is that simple!

6. The “how” isn’t your job. 
While most of us like to think we know the most logical and realistic ways our dreams and desires will manifest, the truth is, our view is very limited. When you stay out of the how and allow the Universe to lead the way, not only do you manifest your desires much faster, but also they happen in the most beautiful of ways. The key is to let go of the how, trust your intuition, and take inspired action. Believe me, it makes life so much easier when you do.

7. You are worthy… period. 
Your worthiness for living a blissful life isn’t dependent on anything other than the fact that you are here. The air in your lungs, the fire in your soul, and the dreams in your heart are the only signs you need to know that you are worthy of living and experiencing a truly magnificent life. You are not your beliefs, mistakes, or your past, and when you allow this truth to permeate your soul, you tap into the strength and magic that will take you further than you ever imagined. Take a deep breath and accept the truth that you are worthy of every magnificent dream and desire you hold within your heart. 


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Lamisha Serf-Walls

Lamisha Serf-Walls is an empowerment coach for soul-centered women who are tired of trying to fit into lackluster beige boxes and crave the freedom of standing in their truth and living life from the heart. Her mission is to create a community of empowered, free flowing, lovers of life who live a life of freedom with ease and inspire others to do the same.

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