It’s Easier Than You Think

BY Jeannette Maw        October 4, 2016

Sometimes we overcomplicate things...

Either because we're used to thinking we have to pay our dues to get the reward, or just because we really believe it is hard to create what we want.

But the process of manifesting our desires is actually very simple:

It's just one better-feeling thought or action after another.

That's it.

You don't have to know all the manifesting exercises; you don't have to word your intention just so.

You don't have to explore limiting beliefs, or get clear about your vision, or drop every toleration.

You don't have to eliminate every contrary thought, and you certainly don't have to achieve 24/7 happiness.

It's just one better-feeling thought or action after another.

Wherever you're at. For whatever you want.

This is not rocket science.

What feels better next? In thought or action, follow that thread.

It'll take you straight to dreams come true.

No one else can point your way there, because they don't know what feels better to you. That's inside information.

(Maybe someone can help you discover it, but you're the only one who knows what feels better to you.)

The good news is your inner guidance is already programmed for this routine - and it's calling you to that better-feeling thing. One after another after another.

It's what feels lighter; it's what sounds fun; it's what appeals to you more.

It might feel like relief, or joy, or ease.

All you have to do is follow it.

Whatever feels better.

"What about my gremlins/boss/spouse/kids?" you might say. "They aren't down with my idea of doing whatever feels good. I can't just go willy nilly traipsing through life following my feel good!"

Well, yes you can.

And if you're a conscious creator, that's exactly how you roll.

  • If it doesn't feel good to leave your co-workers hanging while you run off to join the circus, then that isn't the better feeling action for you. At least not today.
  • If you don't feel fully comfortable ignoring doctor's instructions, then going off your meds isn't the better-feeling action to take at this point.
  • If you'd like to eat that whole tub of Nutella, but you're nervous you'll pay the price for it, then there's probably something else that feels better.

Find what that is, and follow it.

Whether it's a new thought or a different action, honoring what feels better is a reliable path to dreams come true.

You know why?

Because however you manage to feel better, that puts you closer in the vibrational vicinity of everything you want.

You don't have to figure out the "hows," you don't have to prove your self worth, and you don't have to struggle your way there.

It just doesn't get much simpler than that.


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Jeannette Maw

Jeannette Maw is the Good Vibe Coach and an official manifesting geek inspiring fellow creators through her blog and online university. Find her on facebook and pinterest.

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