14 Ways to Be Happy in Life

BY Claire H Perkins        September 29, 2016

1. Love and accept yourself totally. You are perfect just as you are, faults ‘n’ all!

2. Deal with your personal history. You can’t change it. Forgive yourself and forgive others.

3. Don’t hold grudges. Don’t live with regret. It’s not worth wasting your life wallowing in these two negative emotions.

4. Be aware of your feelings and emotions. They are your guidance system to life and will tell you at any given moment whether your thoughts are negative or positive, even when you're unaware of thinking them!

5. See others through eyes of love. They are the same as you. They came from the same place. There is no separateness, that is an illusion; there is only whole.

6. Look after your body. You can’t experience all the fun of your adventure on earth if you have an unhealthy body. Too much time will be spent worrying about it.

7. Know that whatever happens, you are safe. You are part of the whole, therefore even though your physical body will eventually die, your ‘essence’ never will.

8. Life is joy and meant to be lived in a joyous state. Do not spend unnecessary time worrying about things that you have no control over.

9. Be kind. Compliment people. It is just as easy to compliment as to criticize.

10. Don’t talk about your fears and worries. You are just adding more fuel to the fire. The more you talk about something, the stronger the energy becomes, and the universe matches the energy.

11. Don’t get taken in by get rich quick schemes. No one can tell you how to get rich quick; only you know, and it will have something to do with your passions in life.

12. Live each day to the full. Love to the full. Be in joy to the full. Fill each day with as much love and joy as you possibly can.

13. Go to bed each night and count your blessings, because you have many more than you think you do!

14. Wake up each morning and before you open your eyes, know that the day ahead will work out beautifully. Set your intent for the day.

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Claire H Perkins

Claire H Perkins lives in St. Albans, Hertfordshire in the UK with her beloved husband Melville and gorgeous Henry (an adorable Cocker Spaniel). She has spent over twenty-five years studying the areas of human spiritual growth, new thought, and self-help. Claire is a Reiki Master, an EFT practitioner, and holds certification in professional stress management. She is the author of two books, Life Purpose: How to Find Your Reason for Living and The Dear God Letters. Find out more about Claire at her website www.clairehperkins.co.uk or Facebook or Twitter

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