How the Universe Helped Me Become Ms. Corporate America

BY Charlene Rhinehart        January 12, 2016

When a colleague of mine started sharing the Notes from the Universe on her Facebook page, I was instantly intrigued. What were these Notes from the Universe? How can I get access to these messages? Does it really work? The Notes were not only powerful visual messages that made me reframe my thinking, but I felt better after reading them! My curiosity heightened. I needed more of this morning motivation.

On January 1st, 2015, I signed up for the Notes. I couldn’t wait to see what the universe had in store. Little did I know I was signing up for a life-changing journey that would help me make my most desired dreams a reality.

So, what were my dreams? I wanted to be the next Ms. Corporate America. But my pageant journey didn’t make this dream sound too promising. After failed attempts at capturing the crown since my pageant journey started in 2010, I was actually wondering if I should stop. Not only did I lose each pageant, I never even placed in any of the four pageants I competed in. My confidence was shattered. Was I really going to tell the world that I was going to compete in another pageant?

If I was going to bring my best self to the Ms. Corporate America Pageant, I knew I would need another ounce of motivation in order to overcome this turbulent season of pageant heartbreaks. So I updated my profile and revealed that I wanted to be the next Ms. Corporate America. On January 6, 2015, I received a Note from the Universe that CHANGED my life...

“It's good to be King, better to be Queen, but best to be Charlene Rhinehart.

Because to be Charlene Rhinehart, Charlene, just as you are, without any upgrades, required the passage of every second of time in the unfoldment of the entire cosmos... as warm-up.

And you keep getting better.

Plus, this just happens to be the year you'll be Ms. Corporate America. Hubba, hubba...

You have my smile,
    The Universe

Just kidding about "upgrades," Charlene... as if.

My eyes widened as I read each word. The tears of joy started rolling down my face as I repeated the words. My hands started trembling as I started to believe it. All I could think was, “Will this be my year?” I ran to work and shared the Note with my colleague. We both were smiling just thinking about the possibilities.

I printed the Note and posted it on my vision board. I placed my vision board next to my bed so that I could read the Note every morning and night leading up to the pageant. The more I read the Note, the more surprises started to come my way. I started to attract pageant coaches, creative ideas, and more individuals who were willing to support me on different parts of this journey. I had never felt more connected to my purpose.

On March 5th, 2015, I got on a plane from Chicago to Orlando so that I could compete for the title of Ms. Corporate America. I took a copy of the Note with me and I never allowed it to leave my sight. As soon as I arrived at my hotel room, I taped the Note to my mirror. I read it out loud while playing one of my mom’s favorite songs that she dedicated to me. I was filled with so many emotions. Gratitude was at the top of my list. I was grateful for my mom for providing me with endless love and support, and I was thankful for gaining the courage to continue going after my dreams in the face of rejection.

In pageants, you never WIN or LOSE. You only WIN or LEARN. This journey was bigger than me and the Note reminded me of everything that I had learned from this experience. With each word I spoke from the Note, I began to become more of the Queen that was hiding inside of me.

On March 7th, the results were announced. My name was not called as 4th, 3rd, 2nd, or 1st runner up. Could this be a repeat of every other pageant or could it be a new beginning? I almost fainted. I, Charlene Rhinehart, was crowned Ms. Corporate America 2015!

As I slowly walked to the center of the stage trying to acknowledge the reality of this moment, all I could think about was that Note from the Universe. That Note that reminded me to just be Charlene Rhinehart. That Note that restored my confidence by confirming my potential. That Note that inspired me to THINK, BE, and ACT like Ms. Corporate America before receiving a crown and sash. That was the Note that changed my life.

I still look at that Note from the Universe in order to propel me forward in my current pursuits. That Note serves as a reminder of how God can work in our lives. I was asking for a sign from God and I received it. That Note answered all of my questions and helped me to move beyond past rejections. I had to stop disqualifying myself for an opportunity that God had already qualified me for. My job was to trust and believe before I could receive. Now I faithfully read and receive every Note from the Universe in order to prepare for my next big opportunity.

What do you hope to accomplish? Have you tried over and over again and don’t seem to be making any progress? Use the power of the Notes from the Universe to take you from where you are to where you want to go!

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Charlene Rhinehart

Charlene D. Rhinehart is the Managing Director of CEO Unlimited LLC. Her obsession with professional development has led her to obtaining over 5 industry certifications including Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), Project Management Professional (PMP), Zumba Fitness Certification, and the WERQ Dance Certification. She is the Founder of, where she helps millennials create career success and a lifestyle they love. As a free bonus, she has created the “7 Day Career Goddess Challenge” to help opportunity seekers position themselves for their next BIG opportunity.

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