How to Create More Mind-Blowing Moments and Memories

BY Tancie Leroux        July 24, 2015

Love Shack was blasting on the radio and the sun was at high noon in a tucked away cove on the San Joaquin Delta. I was sitting on the bow of our Wellcraft with my hands gripping the rails, feet dangling into the water.

“Hang on!” my husband Mark shouted as he hit the gas again and spun us into a 360, spraying fans of water that lit the air with shimmering light. Left, right, start, stop, lunge, spin. He maneuvered the boat like a bucking bronco as I squealed and shrieked, giggling uncontrollably! Every sense was alive and cheering and I was filled with such happiness, I wanted to cry. What a ride! What a feeling! I will cherish that memory for the rest of my life.

Have you ever had one of those moments, where everything aligns perfectly and effortlessly and you feel so much joy you want to stop time to catch your breath and drink it in more deeply? How good does that feel?!  Beautiful flickers of holiness, where your senses are at their peak and everything feels right with the world. THAT is what we all want. THAT is what we’re searching for.

Clearly it’s impossible to live in those mind blowing moments at all times. Having our senses constantly on high alert would require valium to get us down from the chandeliers, but wouldn’t it be lovely to find a way to create more of them and string enough together to enjoy a little slice of heaven? 

“Who has the time or energy to live with that kind of enthusiasm?" you say. “I have things to do and people to please, and splashing in the river or running slow-motion through wild flowers won't get it done!" 

I get it. Not everybody is looking to orchestrate a symphony of airy-fairy jingles, but most of us ARE looking for more pleasure and meaning in our everyday lives. You can’t force a good time, a deep experience or an insight worthy of an Oprah quote but you can be on the lookout for them. We do have the power to blow a little serendipitous dust in the air and wait eagerly for the magic.

When we leave space in our lives for love, beauty and playfulness, we increase our chances or special moments. Flirt outrageously with your spouse, get grass stains on your jeans, sing with your German Shepherd! Be open and creative!   

When my husband put me on the bow of our boat, I had no idea the ride I was in for. Who can predict that kind of spectacular experience! That's what an open heart looking for opportunities can do. 

Anyone can go to their job, wash their laundry, pay their bills and mow their lawn, but it takes an individual who's willing to spend a little time and thought to break out of the mundane madness and get a better prize than the stuffed monkey.

It doesn’t just happen. You need to go get it! And let me tell you, you hard working, list making, chore finishing, take care of everybody else, get-it-done-er... It's worth the extra strain on your schedule!

Throw a bone to your inner pleasure seeker who’s dying for a triple-dip ice cream and a run in the sprinklers!

Never stop looking for ways to add treasured moments to your bank account. Do your best to add them to the lives of everyone you know, too.  

Priceless memories are what it’s all about. What else do we have to show for our lives when we’re gone? Make a pleasure plan! Look for opportunities for belly laughs! Put yourself in the way of magic and trip it every day so it falls at your feet.... Enjoy!


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Tancie Leroux

Tancie Leroux is a Certified Life Coach and blogger at Compassionate and intuitive, she's an advocate for happiness and excels at helping others build confidence, meet personal goals and enjoy more loving relationships.  


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