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"Mike Dooley lifts the veil between our perceptual world and the world beyond our physical sight. Mike reminds us that we're always being guided. His assurance is the greatest gift we can receive, as it helps us accept that we are not alone. Read this book and reconnect with the love that is all around you."

Gabrielle Bernstein

New York Times bestselling author of Miracles Now

"I love this book! Page after page, I found myself going, “Well that explains things!” and feeling inspired, full of joy and wanting more. A must read!"

Nick Ortner

New York Times Bestselling Author of The Tapping Solution

"A book about living that will help readers see more beauty, feel more power, and know more love."

don Miguel Ruiz

International bestselling author of The Four Agreements

"There are those we will meet lifetime after lifetime, and not birth, nor death will truly separate us. This book is your friend on the discovery of all that lies beneath and beyond."

Katherine Fugate


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This book offers an uncommon-sense interpretation of the world, how it works, why we’re here, and the heights we can reach during our time in space. Each chapter ends with a letter from someone recently departed who relays stunning revelations and insights gained since their transition, including:

  •   We were “ready”; you are not.
  •   We’re sorry for any pain we may have caused.
  •   There’s no such thing as a devil or hell.
  •   Religion needs spirituality; spirituality does not need religion.
  •   In spite of all appearances to the contrary, life truly is fair.
  •   You can program your own major life transformations.
  •   Nothing can prepare you for the beauty of the moment you arrive.
  •   Your pets are just as crazy, brilliant, and loving here as they were there.
  •   You’re simply adored, “sins” already forgiven, bathed in love, living in a world that spins in the palm of your hand.


If the dead could speak, don’t you wonder what they would say to those of us they’ve left behind? What they would tell us to soothe our sorrow, calm our fears of what happens when we die, and fire us up to live the best lives we can? This book explores our most profound questions about the afterlife—and this life—from the fresh perspective of those who have made the transition to the other side.


On the pages of this book you’ll find a simple yet complete treatise on the nature of reality. You’ll see that our loved ones are not lost to us; that our time on earth is a school and an adventure at the same time; that we choose our lifetimes for the fun and lessons they’ll contain; and that we have it in us to reshape our lives, starting today.

Jambo Fellow Adventurers!

If you thought, as all quantum physicists do, that time and space are illusionary, and, if you believe, as do 92% of the living (according to a Pew Study), that we survive our own physical death, then wouldn’t you expect the dead to be extremely anxious to comfort and inspire those they love and humanity at large?

Imagine being the dearly departed loved one yourself, post after-party, taking a peek back down on earth, happy tears still wet on your cheeks, and seeing the heartbreak and bedlam among the grieving left in your wake. Shiver me timbers! Suddenly nothing would be more important than reaching back to tell them: It’s okay! All is supremely well! I’m not dead! We’ll meet up later! It’s still your turn! Keep on dreaming! Keep on living! Keep on loving!

Being born naïve doesn’t mean we must remain so. Our ignorance has served its purpose; the illusions have got our attention. Now the training wheels that first helped us move forward are outgrown and slowing us down. Tears are being needlessly shed, hearts are being needlessly broken; it’s time to change our orbit, time to bring on the dead.

Today, they have what you need: perspective. You have what they need: the world they will soon inherit. Besides, we’re family, they love you, and you love them. And what they have to tell you is absolutely electrifying, transformational, fear killing, and joy inducing—the truth about who you are, how you got here, and what you can do with your time in space.

How do I “know” what dead people want to tell us?

I used the same resources that I draw on to write the daily Notes from the Universe - logic, intellect, reason, deduction, intuition, and experience as my sources.

I’ve wondered a lot lately at what makes for "authentic information." Meaning, what would it take to "prove" an idea as truth to all reasonable minds, and I can think of no better tool than a combination of reason and heart. Pure science has failed in this regard, so far, as every 10-100 years or so it becomes outdated to new science. Religion has proven susceptible to manipulation by men with agendas. The only other evidence, perhaps, would be the impartial and subject experiences of those who report actual near death experiences, yet happily, and not so coincidentally, their tales parallel the insights I've arrived at with my own brand of reason and heart.

In the pages of this book, I aim to put legs beneath the table, through substance, logic, and reason, for all that I write in the daily Notes, while connecting many more dots than the Notes give me the chance to connect. Gaps are filled in, explanations are expanded, and any woo-woo becomes less woo-woo. Readers will not find literal voices from distinct personalities "beyond the grave" – except for the letters that end each chapter. Instead, I offer what I’m quite sure “the dead” would unquestionably, even desperately, like to impart: how they feel, what they’ve experienced, their new world view, and how YOU can make the most from what they now know.

Mike Dooley

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Excerpt from "The Top Ten Things Dead
People Want To Tell You"

Well, first of all, you won’t. Which is all you really have to know about death and why it’s the first thing “dead” people want to tell you. Many of them found this hard to believe themselves at first, gazing upon their own funerals, lingering around their old stomping grounds, stunned and amazed as they gestured and shouted to the friends left behind.

There’s an abrupt disconnect, of course, that comes from leaving behind all things time and space and learning to maneuver in the unseen. The nature of this transition depends entirely on the beliefs of the dearly departed at the time of transition, because their beliefs and thoughts carry over to their new environs. Even there, thoughts become things, only they become things bigger and faster, arranged to match the expectations of new arrivals, often in the twinkling of an eye.

Harps, angels, Jesus, Mohamed, Buddha, Krishna, and lots more deities, saints, and whatnot all have energy fragments (not as crude as it sounds) on standby for the constant flow of new arrivals who will be welcomed, scolded, praised, or celebrated in any number of ways based upon the deceased’s anticipated and believed-in scenarios. Elaborate “sets” can be seen floating in cloud settings, golden gates are “assembled,” gardens of Eden are manifested, fiery dens are ignited—whatever. Remember: in illusionary dimensions such as time and space and the afterlife, these “saviors” can be in an unlimited number of “places” at the same “time.” Welcoming committees also include, when appropriate, a cadre of deceased loved ones and those whose lives were affected by the deceased’s life and choices. They all take on the physical form and age that pleased them the most as they gather to welcome and assure newcomers that they have indeed survived and arrived somewhere wonderful.

Time is not an issue; the party can last “weeks.” Space is not an issue; everything seems to exist just for you. Kind of like on earth, if you’ve noticed. Communication is done mostly through a suddenly remembered form of telepathy, which will feel as natural to you as shaking hands once did. Travel is accomplished by willing yourself to wherever you want to go. Friends are found the same way. Thought connects all, is all. You’ll also be thrilled to see that you, too, have taken on the physical form from your life that pleased you the most and that all aches and pains have vanished—and you’ll quickly learn how to change even further. “Limitless” has a new meaning for the deceased.

Loving guides soon appear, glowing, radiant, and joyful. They orient you and answer your questions. They teach you. Remind you. Love you. Show you. Everything becomes clearer. You remember the hopes and intentions of your recent life and why you chose it. You review play by play all that happened. You see how things lined up or didn’t, and why. You’re awed by your power, wisdom, and kindness, saddened by what you missed, mistook, and misunderstood, yet inspired to know you can try again, make amends, and move forward with and into even greater love. Past lives come into view, along with the friends, loves, and lessons they contained. Everything starts making sense. It comes together like the most amazing artistic creation, a masterpiece that boggles your mind with its perfection, and you are humbled to find the paintbrush still in your hand.


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