Love Your Life in 30 Days Workbook

Based on Mike Dooley's 30-day project to start living your best life.


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Learn more about the 30-DAY Project that accompanies this workbook!



This workbook is an invaluable guide to help you bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be—in every area of your life from love to health to happiness to creativity.


This workbook includes 30 activities that are designed to help you move closer to living your dreams, whatever they may be, such as writing your first novel, living a healthier lifestyle, tackling that creative project you’ve been fantasizing about for so long, or launching your new business.

Inside this workbook you’ll find:

  • 30 activities that take 10 minutes or less each day.
  • Tips to help you apply the lessons from each activity to your life.
  • Journal pages to record your thoughts and insights along the way.
  • Inspirational quotes about living your dreams, following your heart, and trusting the Universe.

By the time you complete all 30 activities, you’ll have a clearer understanding of what you really want, an expanded awareness of how the Universe works, a deeper perspective on manifestation and your role in it, and tools you can immediately start using in the days and weeks ahead.


Here’s How It Works

1. Complete one activity each day for the next 30 days.

Set aside a few minutes each morning when you wake up or during your lunch break or before you go to bed at night to complete a new activity (each activity takes 10 minutes or less).

2. Watch the corresponding video from Mike’s 30 DAY video course.

Watch the video lesson for each day’s activity, in which Mike Dooley shares tips, suggestions, and stories relating to each activity. These 30 video lessons are optional, and must be purchased separately. Click here for details.

3. Write down your thoughts and insights about each activity.

Spend several minutes each day reflecting on what that day’s activity meant to you. In the workbook you will find a journal page for this exact purpose, following each activity.


Look Inside The Workbook


Learn more about the 30-DAY Project that accompanies this workbook!


Love Your Life Activities


DAY 1 * Get Clear about Your Priorities

DAY 2 * Create Your Theme

DAY 3 * Get into the Details and Create a Passionate Sense of Excitement

DAY 4 * Showcase Your Inspiration

DAY 5 * Visualize - Imagine a Day in the Life You Dream of Living

DAY 6 * Take Baby Steps Toward Your Goals

DAY 7 * Play Detective - Observe Your Thoughts, Words, and Actions

DAY 8 * Identify and Change a Story You Tell

DAY 9 * Choose Beliefs for Each Area You Wish to Transform

DAY 10 * Create an Affirmation for Each Area You Wish to Transform

DAY 11 * Surround Yourself with Empowering Resources

DAY 12 * Plan Your Celebration

DAY 13 * Random Acts of Kindness

DAY 14 * Create a Mock Calendar or Daily Planner

DAY 15 * Send Thoughts of Love

DAY 16 * Discover Rituals that Serve You

DAY 17 * Acknowledge Your Amazing Self and Past Successes

DAY 18 * Script a Day in Your Future Life as if it Were Your Present Life

DAY 19 * Imagine How Your Dreams Will Benefit Others

DAY 20 * Meet Your Future Peers

DAY 21 * Speak of Your Success with a Friend

DAY 22 * List 20 Things You Love to Do

DAY 23 * Express Gratitude

DAY 24 * Write Yourself a Letter from an Admirer

DAY 25 * Set an Intention for Your Day

DAY 26 * Put Your Manifestation Skills to Work

DAY 27 * Write an “I Rock” List

DAY 28 * Write a Letter to Yourself from Your Future Self

DAY 29 * What Your Future Self Wants You to Know Today

DAY 30 * Reflecting on This Project


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