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Have you heard of Charity: Water?

In June, 2018, I watched a short video about Charity Water, shown by founder, Scott Harrison, in New York City… and I will never be the same. The video made me cry, but it reminded me to believe in the difference one person can make when drawing on the strengths of others.

This has to be the lesson of our times, appealing to everyone who wants to see humanity express at a much higher vibration than we’re now manifesting. It’s about selfishness and service, personal power and the collective. It’s about reinventing systems, defying odds, and global transformation. It’s about me and you and love.

Upon returning home, I promptly challenged Notes from the Universe readers to join me in aiming for an insanely optimistic goal: raising more money that we’ve ever raised for all other charities combined, in the past 10 years…


And, as if to evidence the power of our thoughts becoming things, it’s happening!

To date, 2,304 TUTTERS have donated $705,924, and I’ve matched that with my own $85,097, totaling:


GAME ON! And I’d expect you’re reading this because you’re ready to join us. See what you think of the same video I saw (above), and then I’ll meet you at the end of it with a special proposal for the first 3,000 TUTTERS who say “YES!”

Yours in the adventure,

P.S. Like many, I believe that at the end of our time here in space, we all experience a divinely orchestrated “Life Review.” When considering my relatively substantial involvement in Charity Water in 2018 (through this very campaign), I was very conscious that this decision would play prominently in that review! Fellow adventurer, if you donate, it won’t just be your life that’s affected, you will literally be saving the lives of others – boys and girls, men and women. Lives you will one day learn all about… lived by folks you will one day meet, beyond these veils that now separate us. And what a party that will be! Tissues!!

I want to contribute!

Together, we’re unstoppable.

“Giving monthly helps me to never forget those who are in need.”

Jeremy Snell

Honolulu, HI

“To know that 100% of our monthly donation provides clean drinking water makes us feel so good about our monthly contribution.”

Marty & Richard Dutch

Newport Beach, CA

“I give monthly because the less a child has to think about their need for clean water, the more they can learn and grow and dream and do.”

Jessica Stroup

New York, NY


Your $30.00 monthly donation can give 12 people clean water every year.
100% funds water projects.


We’re bringing clean and safe water to thousands of people in need every single month.


We're putting maintenance teams to work so we can ensure that water keeps flowing for years to come.


See how your donation is being put to work with real-time updates from around the world.


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