4 Signs of Unconditional Love in Your Relationship

BY Helena Hart        January 31, 2020

If you’re questioning whether the love you have with your partner is type of love that could last a lifetime, here are the four signs that you need to look for.

1. You’re both ready to grow old with each other.

Lust and inferior forms of love are characterized by a “good for now” attitude. Unconditional love means that you both accept that good looks and perfect luck are sometimes fleeting. What matters is how well your personalities mesh and how you make each other feel, even YEARS after the first time you meet.

The feelings don’t lessen over time. Your attraction and your desire to have them in your life only grow as time goes on. Even if you’re not nuts about growing old (most people aren’t!), you ACCEPT it and you’re happy that you’ll always have each other, come what may. That’s something beautiful, isn’t it?

2. You both tell each other your deepest secrets!

Everything about a short-term relationship is shallow… especially the conversation! On the other hand, telling each other your deepest (and sometimes darkest) secrets is an amazing feeling. Every time you probe deeper, you build trust.

Every time your partner confides in you something that’s personal and unrepeatable, you bond closely together. They’re telling you things they’d never tell another soul! It really takes a lot of trust and a lot of unconditional caring about another person to be so nakedly honest. The more you learn to talk honestly, without a filter, the more you realize you both understand each other better than anyone else.

3. You’re proud of who your partner IS, not who they “should” be.

So many short-term or doomed relationships are based on expectations, such as who one partner might “need to be” for this relationship to work. On the other hand, relationships that are real and long-lasting are based on mutual respect and mutual PRIDE. You’re both proud of who you are, what each other accomplishes, and even the little things your partner does that make him or her unique and heroic in your eyes. When people feel appreciated in a relationship, they’re much happier.

In fact, you’re so happy with each other, you don’t even bother trying to change each other into fitting into a perfect body or perfect set of rules and traits that the ideal partner “ought to” have. You love them for who they are, just as they love you.

4. You always openly communicate, without resentment.

Unconditional love is NOT about letting your partner do whatever they please (or their indulging you at your every whim). In every relationship there are boundaries and rules, but these rules are based on the simple desire to make your partner happy – and not wanting to cause hurt or grief.

Unconditional love doesn’t mean you allow your partner to do whatever they want, even if it breaks your heart. A partner who shares the same unconditional love will put your needs and wants equal to her own. What really defines a forever loving relationship is not a hedonistic view of desire. Rather, it’s honest communication.

You communicate everything, whether it’s how deeply you love each other, your deepest secrets and most private thoughts, as well as your disagreements. You communicate intimately and consistently, so that no resentment festers. You discuss everything and you always find a way to compromise so that both of you are happy.

You’re more eager to make up and move on beyond this argument, because this is NOT about power in the relationship, or who’s the man/woman in charge. This is about coexisting peacefully. This is something you both want because you have unconditional love in your heart.

In this love, you’re free to be yourself. You’re free to express yourself and free to feel secure in this relationship. You know what your partner’s thinking; you know their best qualities and their weaknesses, and you accept them. You both know each other like you know yourselves. You’ll recognize this and open your hearts up completely.

Unconditional love is real - 100% real!

You CAN find it, and you can turn a healthy and trusting relationship into an unconditional lifelong commitment. Learn what unconditional love really is, what it FEELS like, and then focus on meeting quality men and women who exhibit and embody these traits.

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Helena Hart

As a Certified Life and Relationship Coach with a masters degree in Psychology, author and master coach teacher, Helena Hart helps people all over the world effortlessly attract love and abundance into their lives - and she can get results for you quickly. Whether you're recently single or you've been single for years - or you're in a relationship that seems to be going nowhere - Helena can help you quickly and permanently turn your love life around. You'll be amazed at how easy and FUN it can be to attract love and the right kind of partner into your life, without having to work so hard! If you're ready to start living your Happily Ever After, visit helenahartcoaching.com and download your FREE 3 Keys To Attract The Man You Want report and in-depth audio training!

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