4 Steps to Raise Your Love Vibes

BY Teresha Young        January 15, 2020

We live in a world that seems to support drama, separation, and hardship “vibes.” A world where the story is that pain has a purpose.

STOP!!! It’s time to smash that fear-based idea, now.

It’s fair to say that many people will experience “lows” in life and painful, hurtful, upsetting situations in their relationships. However, know that you don’t need to stay in that place.

Love, not pain and fear, is the way you can live a happy life and experience a nourishing relationship.

Most people are seeking life-changing love that lasts. Nonetheless you may be experiencing a disconnection from your significant other, or there may be some frustrating challenges and old or new relationship wounds that prevent you from having the love you truly desire and deserve.

So, is it possible to have a long-lasting, diamond-dazzling, healthy and fulfilling relationship with a significant other where there is true intimacy, love, authenticity, and fun?

Yes, it certainly is!


By controlling your vibes.

Are you in control of your love vibes?

One of the best gifts you can give to yourself and to your significant other is your positive, loving energetic vibe.

Your emotional state holds an energetic vibe and different emotional states have different vibes.

In a love relationship, you are intimately connected energetically with your significant other and as a result, you can pick up on their vibes. For example, have you ever had a feeling that your significant other wasn’t in a good mood without them even saying so? Or have there been moments when they were smiling and happy, and you started to feel uplifted too?

Understanding these vibes is vital, as they can get you more or less of what you want in your relationship.

You can be the person who lights up the room! 😊

What are these vibes?

There are low vibes: Anger, Fear, Worry, Jealousy, Hate, Bitterness, Pessimism, Guilt, Shame, Regret…

This is the energy that has a negative impact on our romantic relationships.

And then there are high vibes: Love, Understanding, Compassion, Kindness, Forgiveness, Joy, Positivity, Optimism, Acceptance, Empathy…

Being conscious of the energy you’re bringing to the table is essential. If you change your vibes, you change your love life.

You have incredible power to shift the dynamics of your relationship, by directing your energy in ways that allow you to attract what you want. You may not be able to change your significant other’s mind or behaviour immediately, but you can choose to have high vibes, which will affect them in a positive way. You’ll notice they will unconsciously start corresponding with your energy and will become magnetically drawn to you!

Consequently, it’s very important to have clarity on what you want out of love and your relationship, because what you focus on is what you receive. This involves you thinking about how you WANT TO FEEL in your love relationship.

If you’re constantly focusing on what you don't want and how you don’t want to feel, you’ll be holding low vibes and guess what’s going to show up in your relationship? More of what you don’t want! #OUCH

Here are 4 steps to raise your love vibes:

1. Close your eyes, touch your heart, and breathe.

2. Recall.

Think of a time in your life, any time, when you felt good and content. It could be when you felt unconditionally loved, supported, or appreciated. Perhaps it was in a romantic relationship (past or current) or it might have been with family, or even in a moment of solitude.

3. Visualize.

As you look back at that experience, go into the image within the depths of your mind. What do you see? Be really present to how you feel in this memory. The mind doesn’t know the difference between visualization and reality, so really feel everything in the image. Because feelings are the energetic force that makes it all happen, by doing this you’re increasing your energetic vibe.

4. Stay "high-vibe" and connect.

Once your feelings are elevated, do your best to continue with your day remaining in this high vibe. If you feel your vibe starting to dip, repeat this 4 step process.

And when you’re feeling high-vibe, this is a fantastic opportunity to find ways to spend time deeply connecting with your significant other. A couple of ideas…

You might choose to just hang out. If so, get creative about the time you spend together. Could you have your very own “moviefest” evening with some of each other’s favourite flicks and snacks? Could you make the effort to get involved with some of the things they love, even if you’re not the biggest fan?

A simple gesture such as hugging them and feeling a heart to heart connection can also intensify closeness, as you will be giving off high vibes which will ultimately deepen your love. Give it a go when you’re feeling high-vibe and see if you can do this daily!

When you lead with high vibes, you aren’t just benefiting yourself; you can connect deeper with your significant other and have the fullness of your relationship that you truly desire and deserve.

As soon as this connection goes both ways, the chemistry is DIAMOND-DAZZLING and a recipe for Ah-MAZING love!

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Teresha Young

Teresha Young is a Relationship Master Coach, Online Author, and Speaker who specializes in helping individuals improve their level of optimism, satisfaction, and happiness so that they can have the fullness of love, life, and relationships that they truly desire and deserve. Her relationship and coaching articles have been featured in online publications such as "Thrive Global," the "International Coaching News" (iCN), "The Ladies Coach" and "Couples Learn," and she is regularly interviewed as a guest speaker on the topic of relationships. With over 14 years' experience of developing, coaching, and mentoring individuals, Teresha is skilled in the areas of personal development, self-confidence, and how to have a true connection with oneself and others. She is an IIC&M Accredited & CSA Certified Master Coach, holding qualifications in Life Coaching, Counselling Skills, Body Language, Reiki 1 and 2, and Equality & Diversity.

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