9 Positive Actions to Empower You Daily

BY Sherré DeMao        February 28, 2019

Embracing each day begins with how you choose to show up and participate in the day from beginning to end. 

Too often we hop out of bed with our minds exploding from all that needs to be done. We don't allow ourselves the courtesy of welcoming the day and appreciating the moments within the day.

Consider these actions to ignite your ability to "show up" in the best ways.

1. Think a positive thought. 
The minute you open your eyes, make it a point to think of one thing you are excited about or looking forward to. It can be that cup of coffee or something you have scheduled. Think of something that you enjoy and appreciate as your first thought of the day.

2. Stretch and breathe. 
Before you physically get out of bed, take a deep cleansing breath and when you sit up, before standing up, stretch and feel how wonderful it is to say good morning to your body in appreciation.

3. Maintain an uncluttered space. 
Clean your bedroom and keep it clean. If you awaken to an array of clutter or an obstacle course of clothing, stacks, and mayhem, your subconscious mind is already disrupted by what you see and then focuses on other things that are cluttering your life. Consider how clutter is impacting your mentality in other spaces as well.

4. Read inspired messages. 
Place inspiring messages and meaningful imagery (on your bathroom mirror or somewhere along your walk from your bedroom to your bathroom) that sets the tone for your day. Take a few seconds each morning to absorb them as you get ready for the day ahead.

5. Feel gratitude. 
Whether stated out loud or written in a journal, express what you are thankful for and continue to express and acknowledge it throughout the day. You can never say "thank you" enough. Never.

6. Smile. 
Yes, that's right. Physically smile and feel the feeling of smiling. Try smiling the entire way heading to work. Try smiling while talking on the phone. Try smiling while reading or standing in line. See what happens. It can be magical at times.

7. Compliment someone. 
Find a genuine reason to compliment someone. Perhaps notice something they are wearing or doing or acknowledge something about them you appreciate.

8. Take inspired action. 
If you feel inspired to do something, follow up with someone, call someone, research something, work out, or try a different approach... whatever it might be, when you feel that urge, just do it, right then, without pause. It could be the turning point you have been waiting to realize.

9. Slumber solve. 
If there's a particular challenge you're facing or a creative solution you're seeking, ask yourself to find a solution while sleeping on it. Instead of allowing it to keep you up at night, release it to your slumber to process while you sleep and approach it refreshed in the morning. State your request and then let it go. Your brain never stops working and it's most resilient when you are sleeping. This has been a true manifesting tool for me throughout my life.

Everything mentioned on this list is not time consuming. It is time illuminating when you actually think about it. It takes mere moments within a day to bring forth an empowered state of being that is priceless in terms of time and reward. 

You ARE worth it, and so are your dreams to be achieved!

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Sherré DeMao

Sherré DeMao's passion is inspiring new thinking to empower positive change. Her books, speaking, guidance and Dream Wide Awake blog and ezine inspire people around the globe to embrace their own power in realizing their ultimate lives. As a Strategy Maestro and growth consultant to entrepreneurs, Sherré helps business owners and their team members realize true satisfaction and prosperity personally and professionally. She believes that opportunities abound. It's just a matter of thinking beyond what you see and visioning beyond what you think.

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