How to Heal Your Life Right Now

BY Jacqui Calvert        August 8, 2018

I see how wonderful my life is NOW and I attract even more wonderful things to me.

When I stumbled onto my own healing path, I had no idea how deep or expansive it would be. And I had no idea how much ‘stuff’ I had that needed healing – it seemed like for every issue that I ‘healed’ from my past, something else showed up for me that also needed healing. It started to feel like a bottomless pit, a never-ending cycle of self-healing, and I began to wonder if it was all worth it.

Hadn’t my life been somewhat simpler before I discovered all the parts of me that needed ‘healing’?

Hadn’t I done okay in life without having ‘healed’ all of my stuff?

Was my life even getting better for all of this deep healing work I was doing?

From where I stand now, I appreciate every piece of my healing journey. But I have a different perspective on it than I did at the time. For now, I truly understand the benefit of every difficult situation in my life, every part that felt like it needed ‘healing’.

You see for every situation we create that affects us negatively, or that brings us things we don’t want, we get clarity and knowledge of what we do want. And that is the key, because without that knowledge of what we do want, we couldn’t create it for ourselves.


We didn’t come here to live a perfect life. We didn’t come here to have everything always work out perfectly for us. We didn’t come here to get stuck in a constant cycle of trying to ‘fix’ or heal our past, when we could instead be focused on living fully for today.

We came here to create expansion. We came here to experience contrast, to live the good things and things that we call ‘bad’ but which in truth, help us to define even more clearly what the good things are that we want.

These days my purpose is to find my balance - my peace, my calm, my knowing – in my NOW. My only goal is to be so solidly held in the wellbeing of my NOW that the ups and downs of daily life can’t shake me. I can’t change anything that happened in my past, and why would I, when it’s helped me to clarify what I want and to create the life I love now? But I can change how I feel about my past, and that’s where the magic happens.

And there’s a funny thing that happens when you focus on making your NOW the best it can be. Life starts lining up to bring you more and more wonderful NOW moments. The Law of Attraction in action – whatever you’re focusing on, you’re attracting more of.

When I was focused on healing things from my past, I was attracting more and more things that needed to be healed, and creating them in my NOW.

When I focus on living wonderful moments in my NOW, I attract more and more wonderful moments for myself, in my eternal NOW.

Do you really need to heal your life, or do you just need to re-focus on feeling the best that you can in this moment, right now, and keep doing that from here on out? For that is the ultimate way to heal your life right now.


Don’t just read this and skip on back to your life – anchor it in now with this affirmation:

I see how wonderful my life is NOW and I attract even more wonderful things to me.

Read it, say it to yourself, and consciously choose to store it somewhere in your body – perhaps in your heart or anywhere else that feels right to you. As you place it there, see yourself breathing into it, expanding it; allowing yourself to fully experience it and resonate with its energy.


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Jacqui Calvert

Jacqui Calvert is an energy healer and energy alignment coach. She works with women entrepreneurs to create aligned, thriving and profitable businesses. She lives in Australia with her son and fur family and works with clients all over the world. When she’s not working or spending time with family, she can be found in a pine forest riding her bike or drinking another coffee. And she loves a day at the beach for clearing her own energy. For free resources and to find out more head to

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