How Soap Is Making Me Rich: Tiny Upgrades to Attract Abundance

BY Amanda Gold        May 17, 2018

I was friends with a professional pet-sitter, who sometimes brought me along to walk dogs. Everyone using this service had big, beautiful homes, nice things, and often were away on some fabulous vacation, which is why they needed a pet-sitter. Plus, they could AFFORD a pet-sitter - not cheap.

I loved these glimpses into a richer, fancier lifestyle. I was fresh out of a toxic relationship, recovering from addiction, and getting back on my feet. I worked for a non-profit serving the homeless, living paycheck to paycheck, but I was learning about all this “thoughts become things” jazz, and I knew I could create a better life.

I got curious about wealthy people and wondered if they had anything in common. I was looking for clues that I could incorporate into my own life. Maybe I still needed some more schooling or a better title at work, but I suspected there were things I could do now that would put me in an abundant frame of mind.

And then it hit me: SOAP!

Every single house we went to had the same brand of soap, a cruelty-free, non-toxic brand that smells incredible. EVERY house had this soap. And I felt like I stumbled onto a secret, one that was in my reach. Could I spend a few more dollars every other month or so on that soap? Would that help? I decided to try.

Funny thing, it helped a LOT. Before this experiment, I always shopped for the very cheapest thing, and an unconscious thought-loop ran in the background: “I’m poor, I can’t afford nice things, where’s the cheap stuff?” And that was all tied up with feeling unworthy and constant deprivation. Now, though, I felt this little thrill of pride every time I washed my hands. We had something in common, those rich folks and me.  I was including myself in their circle. It felt luxurious, and there was something powerful about that small change.

There are a lot of ways you can upgrade your surroundings to give yourself a boost. They will act as signals to your unconscious mind, and step by step, you will start to shift your mindset and attract all the pieces of your dream life into your experience.

Here are a few more examples:

  • Allow yourself the luxury of an exotic piece of fruit, or some fancy cheese. When I was in scarcity mode, I only bought bananas, maybe some grapes, and an apple or two - just the cheapest stuff. Letting myself splurge on a beautiful carton of organic strawberries, or a honey mango... it felt so nice. And some stores wrap up the leftover pieces when they cut expensive cheese and sell them for a dollar or two. This is an excellent way to get yourself a taste of something that’s normally considered out of your budget.

  • Get a small, fancy rug. This one has been life-changing and it’s so silly. I bought a small pink fuzzy rug, and it makes me ridiculously happy every time I see it or set my bare feet on it. It was less than 20 bucks, and it’s just a tiny patch of luxury, but it reminds me of what’s coming. When I visualize my dream home, it always has really gorgeous, squishy, plush carpet. My pink piece of softness gives me a glimpse of my future and keeps me excited.

  • Buy something for yourself just because you really like it. When we are struggling financially, it’s easy to become very strict and utilitarian, only buying what’s absolutely necessary. Get yourself one special mug from a cool store you love, or a set of nice pens that write perfectly. If you always shop at the thrift store, save up a bit to buy an item of clothing that’s new, that fits just right and makes you feel amazing. Indulge in some fresh flowers, or a 5-dollar lottery ticket when you go to the grocery store, not because you think that’s where your riches are going to come from, but to assert that you already have more than enough and to let yourself play.

There are lots of little ways to be kind to yourself as you create the fantastic life of your wildest dreams. It can take some time for the numbers in the bank account to match your true fortune, so as you take your baby steps and do your part, make sure you are celebrating where you are. Surround yourself with reminders that you are worthy, that you are adored, and that you have faith in the abundance that’s about to pour into your experience, and then watch those flood gates open!

Happy manifesting!


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Amanda Gold

Amanda Gold is a writer, artist, speaker, and student. She also runs a small company called Party Wolf selling hand-sewn flags that smell like peppermint! She used to be homeless, depressed, and addicted, but has completely turned the ship around and wakes up each day with gratitude and sincere excitement for life. She jumps on any chance to talk to others about this and hopes to help as many people as possible start creating the life they always dreamed they could live. She loves high-fives, silly jokes, and running around barefoot.

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