How Body Language Can Impact Your Relationships

BY Vineetha Reddy        February 21, 2018

Did you know that we can communicate non-verbally? That’s right, body language is non-verbal communication. It involves physical behavior as opposed to words used to convey a message. It is nothing new and something we use on a regular basis in our personal and professional lives. Body language is all about facial expressions, posture, eye movement, gestures, etc. When it comes to our relationships, body language has an even greater impact than words. Non-verbal communication can make a partner feel superior or weak; it can make you feel respected or completely disregarded.

Here are a few body language tips that can impact your relationships for the better:

1. Avoid distraction when spoken to.

If your partner is uninterested in a conversation then he/she tends to zone out, and it can come across as offensive. When narrating an incident or a story, we all want our significant other to look into our eyes and nod at regular intervals. This assures us that they are listening to everything we are saying and paying full attention. Whereas, if you find them looking at their phone or watching TV, and barely responding, it shows that they aren't as interested in what you're saying.

2. Use your hands. 

Your hands can be either extremely comforting or rude, depending on how they are used. We all know the classic “talk to the hand” gesture, which can potentially hurt someone’s ego or even lead to a fight. It can push a couple apart by making one feel undervalued. Use your hands to comfort, not to disrespect. Putting a hand on the back or shoulder in a comforting gesture or holding your partner’s hand can show concern and support and make the relationship stronger.

3. Speak with your eyes.  

Sometimes your eyes can communicate more than your mouth. Whether you are aware of it or not, your eyes reveal more about your mood than you realize. Try to look into your partner’s eyes when they are telling you something – it shows that you are paying complete attention to what they are saying. Looking down or rolling your eyes can put the other person off completely. A few other facial expressions that can potentially cause tension in the relationship are furrowing your brows while talking or pouting. It can convey a feeling of irritation or boredom. So, to avoid misunderstandings and offending your partner, try to be aware of your facial expressions.

4. Offer an understanding touch.

A soothing touch is all you need to break the tension. Most misunderstandings or arguments can be resolved with a simple touch. All you need is a warm gesture – a subtle touch to increase closeness. When you touch your partner in a comforting gesture, it increases the secretion of oxytocin, which can increase the feelings of trust and reduce stress. Embracing your partner in a hug or cuddle not only comforts them, but also keeps the romance alive. So, the next time you are having an argument, ease it with a touch.

5. Have a welcoming attitude.

How we sit with our significant other says a lot about us. When the arms are crossed and the legs are turned away, it shows that you are uninterested in the conversation. Watch out for this closed body gesture. When the body is turned away from you it indicates a defensive attitude. Sit facing each other so that your body language and posture are mirrored with your partner, conveying equality and trust. Open arms and feet facing your partner offer a comforting and friendly attitude. You appear more inviting and genuinely interested in the conversation.

How we communicate physically reflects our true feelings. Therefore, it's important to understand these gestures so that there are no further misunderstandings in the relationship. 

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