How Choosing Your Mindset Creates Synchronicity

BY Dr. Barbara Cox        July 5, 2017

You’ve probably heard the axiom that everything is a mindset. Mindsets are "wardrobes" or templates for you to "try on" and "wear" so to speak. These mindsets develop in a number of ways. Sometimes you inherit a mindset from your family, sometimes you pick them up from groups you belong to. But just like any wardrobe you have in your closet, even though you’re used to that thing, it doesn’t mean you can’t change it. 

A certain type of mindset from the collective unconscious draws people and situations to you → these are the foundation of synchronicity. Here are a few common mindset traps that people tend to fall into. See if you can notice them more consciously in your own life:

  • The Life is a struggle mindset
  • The I’m so busy mindset
  • The I’m better than so and so at _______ mindset
  • The Poor me mindset
  • The Parenting run kids to endless soccer and have no adult personal identity mindset

Here’s a recent story from my own life about my mindset and synchronicity…

I’m learning to wear the mindset of Life brings me what I need. For example, I was meditating on what I wanted to create and I visualized a small town vibe where I would run into people I know and love often.  I live in large city that is growing too fast and was feeling lonely and disconnected from community at the time.

In meditation I asked, ‘Show me where I go to find this.’

Then two days later, I was going to a new herbalist. As I walked out of the office at the end of my appointment, my neighbor was walking in to see the same herbalist! That night at dinner, I saw my new web designer at the restaurant with his sister, who’s a teacher at my daughter’s school! The universe brought me lots of synchronicities.

Take a few minutes and think about it… what mindsets do you find yourself wearing? Notice which ones help you and which ones hold you back.

Let’s talk a bit about how your mindsets relate to synchronicity.

First, it’s important to know that synchronicity is a very powerful concept and tool to help you navigate life with more flow and create what you want out of life. It helps you create the life of your dreams, whether that’s a beautiful soul mate or a wonderful innovative company.

Carl Jung defined synchronicity as “The acausal connection between two or more seemingly unrelated events.”

For instance, you’ve been thinking about a friend you haven’t seen in six months and then suddenly, you run into her in the grocery store. Or, your washing machine breaks and you need to buy a new one. Out of the blue, your neighbor says, “I’m getting a new washing machine and need to get rid of my old one. Any chance you want it?”

What I want you to learn from this is that things you need can literally fall into your lap. You don’t have to agonize over it. It can just come to you. And that’s one way synchronicity shows up in life.

Synchronicity works because we are part of a collective unconscious. What you believe draws people and situations to you. Therefore, for synchronicity to flow the best, it’s important for you to hold mindsets that reflect what you want, not what you don’t want. In other words, synchronicity will reflect the mindsets you choose.

To keep it simple to apply, I’d love for you to practice this mindset this week: Life brings me what I need.

  • Say the phrase “Life brings me what I need” first thing when you wake up. Try it for a week and every time you say it feel the sensation of receiving something you need.

Notice what gifts the Universe offers you throughout that week. This will help activate the Synchronicity Solution during your day.

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Dr. Barbara Cox

Dr. Barbara Cox is a holistic psychologist and certified intuitive. She trained at UC San Diego, as well as the Berkeley Psychic Institute, and is certified in past life regression by Dr. Brian Weiss. Barbara is the author of the forthcoming book, The Muse Effect: Garnering the Feminine Principle for Impact, Power, and Presence. She is passionate about helping you develop your intuition and synchronicity to activate an empowered mindset. Visit Barbara’s online community at and join the power of community.

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