Why it’s Mandatory You Have Alone Time

BY Staci Wuokko        February 3, 2015

Being the youngest of my family, I was always surrounded by people. I constantly had friends over, was always around my siblings, and grew up with a large support system. But even at a young age, I knew my imagination expanded the most when I was left alone. Now being an adult, I’ve realized that hasn’t changed.

While others inspire you and creativity pours with more than one head, it’s essential to spend time by yourself to keep your mind and spirituality healthy.

Many people go on cleanses or start eating healthy to change their lives - I think being by yourself at times is a way to cleanse your mentality. It’s okay to turn down plans and stay in by yourself on a weekend, it’s okay to unplug from the web world, it’s okay to separate yourself from society until you feel free. Here’s why:

Avoiding Influence:
You don’t realize when you’re being influenced. Most influences are positive and inspiring, but there are negative influences out there, too. Your friend hated a restaurant and told you about it, so you will not be going there. But what if your friend had never said anything? Would you have tried it? What if you would have loved it? You need to take a break from all the influences sometimes to make your own experiences.

Deep Meditation:
Self-awareness is mandatory in having a wonderful life, and you get that from meditation and reflection. Take time to mediate alone, and don’t make plans immediately following, so you can find your center before surrounding yourself with people who could knock it off or raise your stress levels.

Realizing If You’re Content … Or Not:
Being alone gives you time to think freely. Perhaps you’re content with your life when you’re around people, but as soon as those people leave the room, you begin to question yourself or over-think things. If something is bothering you when you are by yourself, realize you are not content and change it. Once you are alone and feel at ease, you know you’re heading into the right direction.

Knowing Exactly What You Want:
Our priorities and our goals change as we get older. You may be completely unaware that your priorities have changed if you’re not giving yourself some time alone. A busy mother that hasn’t had a break knows her priorities are her children, but what about her goals with her family? Sometimes you get so sidetracked with your priorities you don’t have time to think about your goals that coincide with them. Being alone gives you time and forces you to evaluate this.

Take time to do what makes your soul happy…

Photo Credit: Jenny Wuokko Instagram.com/JMWuokko


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Staci Wuokko

Staci Wuokko is an Ohio native who currently lives in Chicago. Staci is passionate about meditation and spirituality and doing what is right for the soul. She has written articles for celebrity, fashion, and food news, and currently writes and does digital content production for a radio in the city. When she’s not writing or listening to music, Staci enjoys working out, spending time with her puppy London, and traveling. She is a strong believer in envisioning your dreams and going after them. Follow her on Instagram.

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