Why You Don’t Need to Attract More Love Into Your Life

BY Jackie Notman        November 22, 2016

What if I were to tell you that you don’t need more love in your life? You don’t need to seek out love or actively try to attract it? In fact, the world is already totally loved up, including you. Would you believe me?

I just googled "How to Find Love" and got 858,000,000 hits, so I guess a lot of people wouldn’t believe me.
And, if I were to read any newspaper, evidence of wars and destruction would prove me wrong too.

But what if LOVE is our default setting?

And what if the hurt, pain, fear and all the other awful things we experience ourselves and witness others experiencing are covering up what we really are: beings made of love?

It sounds a bit idealistic doesn’t it? A nod to hippie or New Age thought.

But what about babies?

Every baby comes into this world experiencing surprise, and sometimes fear, following the birthing process. But they don’t bring with them the knowledge of hatred and being unloved. That comes later.

An experiment to try: 

Try this for a while. Assume you are a being of pure love. Everything else is not who you are. Everything else has been added on at some point in your life. It doesn’t matter when or why. Just know that it is something additional to you.

Every time something crops up that is not who you truly are, something like fear, hate, jealousy or guilt, let it go. Acknowledge it, remind yourself that this is not who you truly are, and let it go. Like brushing a speck of dust off your shoulder, let it go.

It’s that simple… if you’re willing to try and keep trying until it becomes habitual.

The thing is, all the love you’ll ever want is already here. You just have to uncover it.


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Jackie Notman

Jackie Notman is the founder of The Open Heart Connection: a community and resource that encourages and empowers you to reconnect with your heart’s wisdom for your own wellbeing and the collective wellbeing of the world. You can learn more at www.openheartconnection.com and meet other Open♥Hearters in our Facebook group.

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