How the TUT Team Celebrates Valentine’s Day

BY Hope Koppelman        February 12, 2016

This year for Valentine’s Day and to celebrate several team member’s birthdays, we threw a “Love is the True Black” party!

If you haven’t heard of Love is the True Black, it’s a photographic movement that’s on a mission to unite the human race by asking thousands of people from all walks of life, all over the world, one basic question:

“If you had a chance to share a message with the world, and could guarantee everyone would hear and understand you, what would you say?”

This question has been posed to transformational leaders, business owners, children, athletes, celebrities, homeless, prisoners, police, firefighters, and so on... and the answers are beautiful across the board. Across all races and religions and ethnicities the same underlying themes appear—love, truth, peace, happiness, empathy, understanding, equality. It is a powerful reminder that we are ALL ONE!

We wanted in on the action! So, in honor of Valentine's Day, the TUT team, along with our closest friends and family, set up a photoshoot to express what WE feel is the most important message we can be sharing with the world.

You can participate with us! Just answer the question above somewhere on your body and upload your photo to

Here’s what the TUT team wanted to say...

We are Gods

This is the real "Secret"! The one that no one knows yet everyone keeps. It's time to awaken to the glory
of who we really are and all that's possible for each of us. - Mike Dooley

Love is the Answer

I have learned that if anything is important in life, it is our devotion to the concept of love.
Our persistent effort to bring the highest within us to each and every moment we create. - Hope Koppelman

Dance with Life

Life dances and you must dance with it to take control. - Pooyan Balouchian

You are Sacred

When I feel lost or down, it’s easy for me to feel small and insignificant. I want the world to remember
their innate worth, uniqueness and divinity. You are sacred. - Regena Garrepy

Follow Your Heart

When you listen to and follow your heart, you'll start making decisions that benefit you on a deeper level.
You'll find peace and happiness in knowing that you are setting foot on a path that you've paved. - Cami Hilberling

One Love

We’re all in this together and everything is going to be alright if we embrace one another.
Spread peace and love everywhere you go. - Gina Tyquiengco

You are Important

I think it’s imperative that every individual knows that they matter. Every life has value and significance. - Karli Smith

It should be fun

It may seem shallow to choose such a statement. However, if there is to be enjoyment of this great blessing we have received called life,
we must have fun in order to do so. The freedom laughter brings the soul is immeasurable. - Iris Pearson

Be You

- Marisol Garcia Topete Dooley



- Rebecca Solecito Dooley

Spread the love!!! Share your photo at and tell us your answer to this question in the comments below: “If you had a chance to share a message with the world, and could guarantee everyone would hear and understand you, what would you say?”


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Hope Koppelman

Hope Koppelman is the Creative Director and Editor at TUT and has been a member of the TUT Team for over 11 years. Hope is also a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and a Certified Yoga Instructor. Visit her website to get a free copy of her e-book, Simple Truths for Profound Living: 200 Insights on Passion, Purpose, Happiness, Love and Creativity, and follow her life and writings on Facebook.


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