Get Out of Your Rut and Into Your Life

BY Valarie O'Ryan        September 14, 2015

As Olivia Newton John pleaded, back in the day, Let’s Get Physical! I’ve discovered, after too many evenings sitting on the couch, that the most effective way to shift my vibe is to shake things up. Energy gets stuck when we spend too much time inactive.

It’s like a log jam. You may have lots of scintillating ideas and events on the brink of manifesting, but they pile up, back up, and get clogged when you don’t have an outlet for them.

Personally, I have scads of brilliant ideas waiting to be uncorked – only sometimes, I literally sit on them. I squash them before they can come to fruition by letting them percolate a little too long. I feel frustrated that nothing is happening!

YET, as soon as I get up and move, be it walking in the park, riding a bike, or taking a hike, something shakes loose and everything starts to flow again. I may all of a sudden get inspired to take action in a way I hadn’t thought of before or someone or something will appear that gets the ball rolling.

If you feel frustrated by your lack of manifesting what you want (ideas, goods, jobs, money, people), try this:

1. Move it or lose it. 
Don’t lose your great ideas and/or desires by letting them get stuck. Free up that energy by moving your body. If you sit (literally) on your stuff for too long it gets lost to the point of evaporating. It just kind of disappears. We forget about it or give up on it. Unclog that energy NOW! Jump rope, hula hoop, dance with your dog – and feel stuff start to happen.

2. Let it go... let it go.
Once you’ve moved that energy around – let it go. Set it free like a balloon floating up into the sky where it bursts and all the stuff you want to manifest sprinkles down like a rain shower on top of you. In other words, don’t dwell on it, just allow it to happen.

3. Never underestimate the power of play.
Whenever you’re having fun, no matter the reason, you’re calling in your desires. It may seem unbelievable, but splashing in a pool, laughing with friends, singing to the radio all serve as catalysts for abundance. They shift your vibe upwards where you start connecting with all the things you want to bring into your life. So put “FUN” at the top of your To Do List.

Who knew manifesting could be so easy and fun? When you’re feeling in a rut, frustrated that things just aren’t happening in your life, lace up your sneakers, grab your bowling ball, or fire up your iPod. Focus on moving your body and having fun – totally immerse yourself in an activity – and then feel that stuck energy transform into the life you always dreamed of.


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Valarie O'Ryan

Valarie is a Certified Dating and Relationship Coach, Master Coach Teacher for Rori Raye, and author of Attract Your Mr. Right. She’s also proof that a woman can attract exactly what she wants in a relationship. She helps take the effort out of attraction and makes it fun. If you’re having trouble attracting the kind of man you want, if you seem to “push away” the men you like, or you feel you’re running out of time – she can help you turn things around. Visit Valarie’s website at to get your FREE “3 Ways to Make Him Irresistibly Attracted to You” and start attracting the right man now. Or connect with her on Facebook.

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