Connecting the Dots of Infinite Possibilities

BY Miriam Castilla        June 25, 2015

Every now and then the right brain impaired ex-engineer in me pipes up, demanding to see some scientific evidence for all this manifesting your dreams mumbo jumbo.

Maybe you also have moments like this when the two sides of your brain decide to have a lively debate. One just ‘knows’ and that's not only good enough, it's the only thing that truly matters – the ultimate evidence. The other wants to see ‘cold hard facts’. Ugghh… that doesn’t even sound appealing, does it? Cold, hard…

Nevertheless, even if we don’t have this occasional internal dialogue, maybe we have to have it externally, with those around us querying why we believe and act as we do. You can’t blame them for being curious, can you? Especially when it all looks so easy, so "too good to be true.” All this luck, all these amazing coincidences. Who wouldn’t want to know more and try to reconcile it all?

I decided to compile a list of discoveries in both quantum physics and neuroscience. I’ll be giving you the dots... Then, why not see how you connect them?

Quantum Physics has shown us that:

1. Sub-atomic particles are directly affected by the observer. In fact, they appear to exist only as a wave of probabilities until observed when they collapse into a single place in time. This is known as The Observer Effect.

  • Note: Everything on the planet, including ourselves, is made up of the same elements, atoms, and sub-atomic particles.

2. Two particles that originated together instantly affect one another, regardless of the distance between them. This is known as Quantum Entanglement. Einstein called it "spooky action."

  • Note: Every particle in the Universe originated from the same place – be it the big bang or God’s creation (depending on your preferred version).

3. The Heisenberg uncertainty principle basically states that the more accurately you measure a property of a particle, the more uncertain its related properties become.

  • Note: Sounds to me like here falls "Infinite Possibilities"….

Neuro-Science has shown us that:

4. Our brains are nothing but a mass of neurons firing energy at various frequencies, over which we have control – we can literally change our minds, rewire our brains, and operate at a different brain frequency by employing the principle of repetition and the brain chemistry of emotions.

  • Note: At any given moment, our brain generates enough electricity to power a light bulb.

5. A thought about an event fires off the same brain chemicals as when you’re experiencing the event.

  • Note: When we visualise, we produce brain chemicals that physically change our brains to fire at new frequencies and in new patterns.

So there you have your five dots. Color them by numbers, join them up, or do what you will with them.

I’m sure there are Infinite Possibilities!


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Miriam Castilla

Miriam Castilla is the bestselling author of Today’s Woman – Life Balance Secrets, a speaker, ex-engineer, entrepreneur and business owner. She helps women who want to live with passion and purpose, overcome overwhelm, and create life deliberately. Miriam loves yoga, reading, movies, walking through the Australian Bush and never ceasing to be inspired by life as it unfolds.

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