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Notes from the Universe - Love and Connection Card Deck

This gorgeous 60-card deck casts inspiring light on the joys and challenges of relationships. Whether you’re looking to find new love, keep your relationship fresh and fulfilling, or tap a deeper source of love within yourself, you can use this deck for insight. Ask a question, choose a card, and see your way more clearly.

Notes from the Universe - Abundance Card Deck

The Notes in this beautifully illustrated 60-card deck, set off by photographs of nature’s gorgeous and richly varied abundance, are designed to remind you that you could not possibly be more loved, more powerful, or more deserving of all that your heart desires. Pick a new card for yourself each day, share them with friends, or leave them for loved ones to find!

Notes from the Universe 60-Card Deck

The Notes in this original, gold-gilded card deck were specially chosen from over 2,000, and offer inspiration on love, abundance, happiness, creativity, livelihood, and more. They’ll inspire you, encourage you, and make you laugh. Pick a new card each day—the right one will always find you! Plus, hidden within each box is a special reminder that you are adored.