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Praise for the Notes

Just a tiny sampling from the thousands upon thousands upon thousands that have arrived, and that continue to arrive every single day… Holy Cow!!! Thanks, from the bottom of my heart, to all who’ve taken the time to write. – Mike Dooley

Jason Mraz

“Notes from the Universe remind me I'm a part of something much bigger and that my dreams are constantly being realized.
I love them! Thanks Mike!”

Christina Perri

“I look forward to my Note from the Universe every morning and, gosh, they're always so right on!! These NOTES help me start my day humbled and hopeful.
Thanks Mike!!!”

don Miguel Ruiz

“Mike Dooley is a great messenger of truth; a gift for humanity.”

Rhonda Byrne

“Mike Dooley's Notes from the Universe have charged my day with absolute joy, more times than I can remember.”

Olivia Culpo

“One of the first things I do every day is look at my Note from the Universe. What a difference it makes! Sets the pace for a positive and productive day.”

Brittany Toll

"Notes from the Universe is always a humbling way to start my day. Not only are they spot on with connections to events and feelings happening in my life but they also put everything into perspective and remind me of the BIG PICTURE."

Neale Donald Walsch

“Notes from the Universe continue to be a hugely inspirational touchstone around the globe, reflecting always the miracle of your own highest understanding, and informing you again and again of Who You
Really Are.”

Andrea Gabriel

"Notes from the Universe always bring me back to the stillness and joy of remembering what I already know but need to be reminded of every now and then. Thank you Mike for the peace of mind you provide… and for the giggles!"

Richard Bach

“Since I haven't seen one Note from the Universe which I don't take for true, I suspect that you and I come from the same part of the galaxy. Here's my thanks and joy for the gifts of your insight and understanding to us all.”

Megan and Liz

"Waking up every morning to our Notes from the Universe is something we look forward to SO much! It always puts us in the best mindset for the day. They never fail to remind us to dream big and that we CAN do anything!!!"

Angie Renick-Hayes

"The Notes remind me that the 8 million times a day I hear 'Mom!!!' it's actually God summoning me to stop and enjoy life… and it's not just 8 hungry, riotous and bickering children at all. He's so clever with his different voices and sarcastic humor."

Sheyene Gerardi

"I love the NOTES. If someone were to ask me what's important about them, I would say their deep wisdom and how connected they are to our deepest thoughts and feelings… Thanks Dear Mike!"

Yoli Betancourt

“The Notes arrive exactly when I need them, to answer my questions, nurture my soul, and keep me going strong. Such is the wisdom of the Universe.”

Annabel Kolmeier

"I love TUT because the messages always cheer me up and make me feel like there is a greater Power behind all my actions - guiding me and loving me
to pieces."

Maggie Reyes

"My hubby sent me my very first Note when we were dating (obviously I had to marry him!). Since then they have become an integral part of my daily life, and always put a smile on my face and hope in my heart."

Pam Grout

“For those of us seeking guidance, signs and blessings, there’s nothing better than Notes from the Universe. I am infinitely grateful that the ‘bigger thing’ found a willing scribe in Mike Dooley. Thank you, Mike!”

The Drought Sisters

"My sisters and I all started receiving Notes from the Universe the month we went out on a limb to start our own business. Four years and five retail stores later - we still reference the Notes in our daily work meetings! (As ritual, we read our Note before any other email of the day!)"

Samantha Malaki

"I've been inspired by TUT since 2008 and so far all I have is more love and more intentions of success, prosperity and happiness!"

Mareda Eckert

“No matter what is going on in my life, the Universe lets me know exactly what I need to know to bring me back to the mountaintop. It is not a coincidence, it is Divine Intervention!”

Hanan Lancaster

“I LOVE the Notes because they inspire, motivate, and ground me. They connect me with my KNOWING and remind me of my power. Thank YOU!”

Catriona O’Curry

"I LOVE the Notes because they lift me Up Up and Away, every single day! They help me stay in touch with my divine Self."

Tammy McCammon

“Several years ago I signed up for the Notes, and thoughts became things, profoundly! My daydreams gave birth to goals and aspirations, allowing me to cultivate the life I want for myself!”

Sue Poletti

"The Notes have provided me the inspiration to keep moving - regardless of the bumps and successes; to keep giving - even when I wonder if I have anything left to give; to keep loving - myself and my fellow travelers; and to keep knowing - that I am on the right path even when the proof doesn't show up when I want it to."

Emily Downward

"Thank you for reminding me (and all of us) that we are more powerful than we realize, that there are infinite possibilities and that we are loved, always. I love the Notes!"

Amber Scott

“Not only do the Notes from the Universe make me smile, they serve as a constant reminder of how awesome life is! Thank you Universe!”

Cole Havaiia

"We love the Notes from the Universe!!! How could we possibly attract all these crazy miracles into our lives without them?"

Edwin Nel

"The Notes feel to me like the journey of life, by taking you on a glorious adventure of exploration filled with enthusiasm, inspiration, and joy."

Irem Ulgu

"I love these Notes from the Universe. They make my day. I consider the idea and calculate it in my mind and in the end it gives me fresh new feelings and thoughts. I love you guys!"

Elisa Quinzi

"Not only does the truth of your message reverberate deep in my soul... so does the humor. Thank you for delivering to the world exactly what we need."

Melanie Martin

"Your Notes from the Universe inspire me and remind me that we are the creators of our life, that we have the power to choose, and that we are not alone. Plus, more often than not, they make me smile and LOL!"

Gerri Weatherbee

"I have used these inspiring and encouraging Notes as a daily reminder to focus on my personal best every day. I cannot recommend this 'magic' highly enough. Thank you."

Althea Hughes

"Mike Dooley is the Beyoncé of manifestation. He is the Barack Obama of co-creation. He is the Oprah of inspiration.”

Amie Bello

"Are you kidding me? Personalized, daily words of inspiration? This is the best! I've shared this with many friends and we're all spreading the joy."

Liana Salas

“Notes from the Universe = daily morning smile, guaranteed! Fun reminders the universe supports me and my dreams, always!”