Jambo Fellow Adventurer,

On July 1, 2001 I was invited to speak to a Unity Church in Orlando, Florida. In this recorded address, I spoke to 300 members of their congregation about the power of our thoughts, and afterwards was "mobbed" by well-wishers and patrons, all giving thanks and praise for what they'd just heard. I was truly humbled. It was the first time in the early days of my speaking career (well over a year in) that I thought to myself, “I could do this!”

The material I used was 100% original and came almost entirely from the first hour of my 12 hour "Infinite Possibilities" audio program. If you don't already own this series, this live recording will help give you an excellent idea of its content and direction. If you DO already have "Infinite Possibilities," you'd still likely enjoy and benefit from this live recording, simply for its energy and for the fun of relating to the audiences' suspense, laughter, and appreciation.

Your great admirer,

Praise for Thoughts Become Things

"The presentation was much better than even I could have imagined. I wanted to tell you that you are SO appreciated!!! Thanks!"

"It was great to hear you and your outlook on life!!! I wanted to personally thank you for a great speech afterwards, however you were such a hit, the crowd prevented it!!"

"I just wished to thank you for your presentation this morning. My husband and I did not get to thank you personally as you were in the midst of answering some questions by some very curious people like ourselves. Again, thank you and God Bless you always!"

"Listening to it changed my life, my way of thinking, but most of all have made me realize we truly are divine beings, creators of our own reality."

"I just wanted to let you know that we have been playing your 'Thoughts Become Things * LIVE' recording on our 'on hold' phone system, and we're getting great feedback from customers. Some even ask to be put back on hold so they can listen more!"


Thoughts Become Things Recording Preview

(representative video, not from actual audio)

About this Audio Recording

This is the 36 minute-long LIVE recording that put Mike Dooley on the map! In it, he lays out his philosophical premise for explaining all things time and space. It’s a great 'psyche-up' listen for the drive to work, the sunrise walk, a big meeting, or for whenever you want to get focused and feel empowered. You’ll learn that our thoughts become the things and events of our lives, that this is an inviolate principle, and that by understanding it we can begin turning our wishes into reality and living the life of our dreams.