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Mike tells us that we live in a Universe that adores us, a Universe with inviolate principles that anyone can harness, and one in which dream manifestation is inevitable when we understand the true nature of our reality and our divine heritage. Drawing from his own life lessons, he offers insights to what he calls the "Truths of Being," sharing how he discovered and applied such truths for himself, and how others can do the same to live the life of their dreams.

Your audience will learn that goal achievement and dream manifestation are the results of their imagination, beliefs, and expectation - not blood, sweat and tears. And that when these are aligned with our heart's desires, we're effortlessly drawn into the actions, circumstances, and "coincidences" necessary for extraordinary accomplishments and breakthroughs.

Reminding Audience's of Life's Everyday Magic!

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  • The inviolate principle that turns wishes into reality, that powers positive thinking, and that makes dreams come true.
  • Techniques and guidelines on how to harness this principle.
  • Learning how to identify and work with our beliefs, and how to embrace and install empowering ones.
  • How to read your emotions, interpret your words, use your actions, and study your thoughts in order to understand the path you're now on, in relation to where you want to go.
  • Understanding our relationships, at home, work, and play, in order to maximize their enhancement of our lives. Review of common stumbling blocks that prevent us from understanding and living the truths we discover.
  • In addition, Mike shares inspiring and uplifting personal stories and anecdotes as reminders of life's everyday magic.

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A variety of interactive programs can be arranged, ranging in duration from 1 hour to 1 day.

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