Due to social distancing restrictions, there are no scheduled live events at this time. However, you can still experience Mike’s latest material through these ONLINE COURSES:

➤ Playing the Matrix, And Getting What You (Really) Want

➤ Playing the Matrix: The Laser-Focused Series Online Course



World Tour V Stops and Public Events


TBA Your Wish... - Philadelphia Details to follow!
TBA Your Wish... - Washington DC Details to follow!
TBA Your Wish... - San Francisco Details to follow!
TBA Your Wish... - Sacramento Details to follow!
TBA Your Wish... - Salt Lake City Details to follow!
TBA Your Wish... - Las Vegas Details to follow!
TBA Your Wish... - Nashville Details to follow!
TBA Your Wish... - Atlanta Details to follow!
Apr. 4 Playing the Matrix - Frankfurt, Germany Completed!
Apr. 6 Using All of Your Angels - London, United Kingdom Completed!
Apr. 6 - 14 Fiesta del Sol: Spain, Gibraltar, Morocco, Portugal Completed!
May 2 - 5 Train the Trainer - Denver, Colorado Completed!
May 25 Playing the Matrix - San Antonio, Texas Completed!
Jun 15 Playing the Matrix - Rochester, New York Completed!
Aug. 9 - 11 Using All of Your Angels - Stockbridge, Massachusetts Completed!
Aug. 17 Using All of Your Angels - Chicago, Illinois Completed!
Aug. 18 Using All of Your Angels - Minneapolis, Minnesota Completed!
Sep 7 Playing the Matrix - Eugene, Oregon Completed!
Sep 21 Playing the Matrix - Reno, Nevada Completed!
Oct. 6 Playing the Matrix - Houston, Texas Completed!
Oct. 8 - 17 TUT's Transpacific Taonga: New Zealand Completed!
Oct. 9 Playing the Matrix - Auckland, New Zealand Completed!
Oct. 19 Playing the Matrix - Sydney, Australia Completed!
Oct. 20 Playing the Matrix - Brisbane, Australia Completed!
Oct. 22 Playing the Matrix - Melbourne, Australia Completed!
Nov. 7 - 10 Soulapalooza - Carlsbad, California Completed!
Nov. 16 Playing the Matrix - Santa Barbara, California Completed!
Jan. 13 Waikiki, Hawaii Completed!
Feb. 17 Jacksonville, Florida Completed!
Mar. 11 New Orleans, Louisiana - Playing the Matrix Completed!
Mar. 14 New Orleans, Louisiana - LIVE Channeled Event with Mike Dooley and Tracy Farquhar Completed!
Mar. 15 - 18 New Orleans, Louisiana - Train the Trainer Completed!
Apr. 15 - 24 Mekong Magic River of Dreams: Vietnam & Cambodia Completed!
Jun. 16 Denver, Colorado - Using All of Your Angels Completed!
Jun. 17 Phoenix, Arizona - Using All of Your Angels Completed!
Jun. 23 San Francisco, California - Using All of Your Angels Completed!
Jun. 24 Seattle, Washington - Using All of Your Angels Completed!
Sep. 8 Atlanta, Georgia - Using All of Your Angels Completed!
Sep. 9 Orlando, Florida - Using All of Your Angels Completed!
Sep. 15 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Using All of Your Angels Completed!
Sep. 16 Toronto, Ontario - Using All of Your Angels Completed!
Oct. 11 - 19 Spirit of the Incas: Peru Completed!
Oct. 20 Lima, Peru - Infinite Possibilities: Create the Life You Desire Completed!
Nov. 3 - 4 Las Vegas, NV – Playing the Matrix 2-Day Intensive Workshop * Completed!
Nov. 8 - 11 Soulapalooza - Honolulu, Hawaii Completed!
Nov. 17 Bellingham, WA Completed!
Jan. 26 - Feb. 23 Mindful Magic - A Livestream Series with Special Guests Completed!
Feb. 25 Using All of Your Angels with Lorna Byrne, Boston, MA Completed!
Mar. 18 - 25 Tahitian Islands Completed!
Apr. 8 Las Vegas, NV - HAY HOUSE U LIVE! Completed!
May 4 - 7 Infinite Possibilities Certified Training, Santa Fe, NM Completed!
July 14 - 16 1440 Multiversity, Scotts Valley, CA Completed!
Aug. 11 - 13 Kripalu Center for Yoga, Stockbridge, MA Completed!
Aug. 26 Johannesburg, South Africa Completed!
Aug. 27 Cape Town, South Africa Completed!
Aug. 27 - Sep. 6 African Safari Adventure Completed!
Sep. 22 - 24 Visionaries in Light Convergence, Denver, CO Completed!
Sep. 20 - 26 Hay House World Psychic Summit Completed!
Sep. 25 - Oct. 1 Best Self World Summit Completed!
Oct. 21 - 22 Writer’s Workshop, Orlando, FL Completed!
Nov. 8 Playing The Matrix Puerto Rico Benefit - Clearwater Beach, Florida Completed!
Nov. 9 - 12 Soulapalooza - Clearwater Beach, Florida Completed!
Jan. 14 - 17 San Antonio, TX Completed!
Feb. 12 - 14 Seattle, WA Completed!
March 5 Miami, FL Completed!
March 6 Tampa, FL Completed!
April 7 - 14 Peru Completed!
May 2 - 26 2016 Hay House World Summit Completed!
May 14 Louisville, KY Completed!
May 15 Cincinnati, OH Completed!
May 21 - 22 Toronto, CA Completed!
July 9 Asheville, NC Completed!
August 6 Boise, ID Completed!
August 7 Spokane, WA Completed!
August 20 Cleveland, OH Completed!
August 21 Pittsburgh, PA Completed!
August 28 Dublin, Ireland Completed!
Sept. 3 London, UK Completed!
Sept. 4 - 12 Ireland Completed!
Sept. 16 - 18 Philadelphia, PA Completed!
Oct. 8 Tribute to Louise Hay, San Diego, CA Completed!
Oct. 15 - 16 Fort Lauderdale, FL Completed!
January 15 Orlando, FL Completed!
January 24 Phoenix, AZ Completed!
January 25 Tucson, AZ Completed!
February 21 San Diego, CA Completed!
February 22 Long Beach, CA Completed!
March 7 Dallas, TX Completed!
March 8 Houston, TX Completed!
March 21 Chicago, IL Completed!
April 8 - 10 Bali, Indonesia Completed!
April 8 - 16 Bali, Indonesia Completed!
April 24 Denver, CO Completed!
April 26 Denver, CO Completed!
May 17 Edmonton, CA Completed!
May 9 - 28 Hay House Summit Completed!
June 20 Portland, OR Completed!
June 21 Seattle, WA Completed!
July 9 - 12 Ventura, CA Completed!
August 14 Stockbridge, MA Completed!
August 22 Amsterdam, Netherlands Completed!
August 23 Oslo, Norway Completed!
August 24 Norway Cruise Completed!
Sept. 5 - 6 London, UK Completed!
September 18 Orlando, FL Completed!
October 10 Chicago, IL Completed!
October 24 Charlotte, NC Completed!
October 25 Raleigh, NC Completed!
November 15 New York, NY Completed!
January 11 London, UK Completed!
February 8 Columbus, OH Completed!
February 9 Indianapolis, IN Completed!
March 13-16 San Diego, TX Completed!
March 28 Lima, Peru Completed!
March 29 Spirit of the Incas: Peru Completed!
June 7 Boston, MA Completed!
June 8 New York, NY Completed!
June 28 Denver, CO Completed!
June 29 Albuquerque, NM Completed!
July 19 Kansas City, MO Completed!
July 20 Omaha, NE Completed!
August 14 Chicago, IL Completed!
August 30 San Francisco, CA Completed!
August 31 Sacramento, CA Completed!
September 7 Panama Completed!
October 4 London, UK Completed!
October 5 Stockholm, Sweden Completed!
October 25 Pasadena, CA Completed!
November 15 Bloomington, MN Completed!
November 16 Milwaukee, WI Completed!
January 26 Orlando, FL Completed!
February 9 Salt Lake City, UT Completed!
February 10 Las Vegas, NV Completed!
February 23 Atlanta, GA Completed!
February 24 Nashville, TN Completed!
March 8 Tahiti Completed!
April 20 Manchester, UK Completed!
April 21 Zurich, Switzerland Completed!
April 27 Cologne, Germany Completed!
April 28 Berlin, Germany Completed!
May 18 Philadelphia, PA Completed!
May 19 Washington, DC Completed!
June 22 Toronto, CA Completed!
July 13 Vancouver, CA Completed!
July 14 Victoria, CA Completed!
Aug. 2-4 St. Pete Beach, FL Completed!
August 17 Calgary, CA Completed!
August 18 Edmonton, CA Completed!
August 31 Reykjavik, Iceland Completed!
August 31 Iceland Tour Completed!
October 19 Ottawa, CA Completed!
October 20 Montreal, CA Completed!

For more details on events scheduled in late 2020 and early 2021, CLICK HERE.

Jambo Fellow Adventurer!

After twenty years on the road, speaking before tens of thousands of "life adventurers" on 6 continents, in 42 countries, to over 156 cities, World Tour 5 is hereby announced!

YOUR WISH IS THE UNIVERSE’S COMMAND is the latest version of my most popular and best attended program, Playing the Matrix, focusing on how you can end self-sabotage, discover what you really want, and build an actual plan (done during the workshop) to leverage the Universe and avail yourself of life’s magic.

I’ll explain why our wishes sometimes come to pass with incredible ease, why at other times the process can be so slow, and why at times it works yet with hindsight we wish it hadn’t.

WE’RE HERE TO THRIVE, NOT JUST SURVIVE. Our natural tendencies are to grow, discover, love, be loved, and live lives of sheer joy. You’ll learn that happiness is life’s ultimate end result – the real reason for all dreams – and when this is known at the outset of our journeys, our manifestations come quicker, even desires we did not know to name!

Our shared experience will leave you utterly convinced of your power, worth, and how easy life can be once you begin working with the Universe instead of unwittingly working against it. Some attendees have said that the day of the workshop was the “best day of their life, so far.”

Yours in the adventure of life,

P.S. I guarantee you'll hear things during our time together that you have not heard from others, anywhere, ever, helping you to gain new insights and possess new tools to begin creating the life you always dreamed would be yours.

*What is the MatrixSM?
The Matrix reveals the interconnectedness of all your dreams and how they may or may not flow together. When "played properly" you’ll immediately see how this flow will allow the Universe to bring you your greatest happiness and fastest breakthroughs. Learning about the Matrix, itself, is consistently rated by participants as among their favorite parts of this workshop.

“Playing the Matrix is an honest and elevated view on living deliberately… the rationale becomes so self-evident that students have a whole new, and improved, code to create by.”
- Elisha Goldstein PhD, Founder of A Course in Mindful Living

The whole experience was phenomenal

"The whole experience was phenomenal. I loved Mike’s enthusiasm and appreciated his light-hearted touches of humor... By showing up at an event like this and being open to life’s possibilities, you are shifting the tide of success in your favor."

- Diana Devaul

this is a life-changing event

"Being in a room filled with other like-minded souls is so powerful! Add in Mike’s light, fun, easy teaching style, and this is a life-changing event! I feel empowered to let go of the 'hows' and trust the Universe! Thanks Mike for showing me the way!"

- Trina Rabideau

Your presence in my Universe has added Magic

"Thank you Mike!! Your presence in my Universe has added Magic!! I was delighted to hear that you don't worry about the ‘cursed hows’. The dreaming is up to you, and how everything comes together is up to the Universe!"

- Rosie West


A MatrixSM based program for guaranteed manifestations and life transformation

Mike Dooley, scribe of Notes from the Universe, author of 17 books (including the New York Times bestsellers, Infinite Possibilities and Leveraging the Universe), and a featured teacher in the bestselling book and DVD, The Secret, takes his flagship program, Playing the Matrix, to new heights with World Tour 5.

YOUR WISH IS THE UNIVERSE’S COMMAND requires no pre-requisite courses, yet it takes even seasoned students of metaphysics to new heights of understanding the magical Universe we live in, how to leverage its energies, and how to avail ourselves of its conspiring nature. “We’re not beholden to life,” Mike tells us, “life is beholden to us. We came first; natural born creators, with little to learn, but much to remember. We are the reason for the physical universe, and right now, in your life, all of her elements are looking to you for direction.”

This workshop builds and expands upon the concepts shared in Mike’s earlier works. You’ll learn how to define your dreams in terms of your desired “end results” in ways that allow the Universe maximum freedom to deliver your true heart's desires as fast and harmoniously as possible.

You’ll also learn:

Super-charged techniques for faster manifesting results.

How to create a game plan and take action without messing with the "cursed hows."

Which steps to take yourself and which steps to delegate to the Universe.

An easy trick for getting “new doors” (that you never knew existed) to open.

How truly free you are right now to wipe the slate clean and blast forward.

By the end of the day you'll have your own customized "road map," complete with simple but important action-steps to take in the weeks and months ahead. (Even if you’re at a loss for what you really want in life and your dreams now lack clarity and inspiration, you’ll be shown exactly what to do to find your niche and be excited about life once again.)

Adventurous Extras:

Lots of picture taking and book signing time with Mike.

Early-bird discounts to those who sign up online in advance.

Raffle door prizes.

A professionally printed 36-page workbook that includes exercises.

Access to Mike’s 150+ page PowerPoint presentation in pdf format.

Special LIVE event pricing on almost all Mike’s books, audio programs, etc.

VIP seating for Infinite Possibilities Trainers. Send an email to [email protected] and let us know that you’re attending.

Learn how to engage the magical Universe you live in, leverage its
energies, and avail yourself of its conspiring nature.


You want to bring about major changes in your life.

You want to deepen your relationship with (and trust in) the Universe.

You're new to metaphysical teachings (such as the Law of Attraction) and want to learn more.

You're familiar with metaphysical teachings but haven't made the changes you desire.

You're looking for new tools and techniques to hone your manifesting skills.


The nature of reality and the mechanics behind all manifestations.

The simple principle that powers Positive Thinking and how to use it.

How to focus on what you want, without focusing on its absence in your life.

When dreaming in general terms is far superior to dreaming in details.

How to get passionate about your dreams without attaching to unimportant details.


Practice using your thoughts, words, and actions to create change.

Put what you learn to use with a simple plan you'll create during the day.

Defeat self-sabotaging beliefs and install self-empowering ones.

Know what you really want and how to get it as fast as possible.

Be "born again" to the truth of who you are and all you're capable of.

A deeper look into Mike’s world views

About Mike Dooley

Mike is a New York Times best-selling author, renowned New Thought Leader, and creator of the wildly popular Notes from the Universe, whose acclaimed books—including Life on Earth, The Top 10 Things Dead People Want to Tell YOU, and Infinite Possibilities—have been published in 27 languages. He was one of the featured teachers in the international phenomenon The Secret and is the founder of a philosophical Adventurers Club that’s now home to over 800,000 members. He lives what he teaches, traveling and speaking internationally, so far to 156 cities, 42 countries, on 6 continents.


This world tour is Pure Gold

"Attending this live event has made my whole year! My life is already changing dramatically with the tools Mike gave me. This world tour is Pure Gold!"

- Raven Adams

it’s all about happiness first

"Who knew it’s all about happiness first?! Wake up and then get out of your own way! Thanks Mike... from the six year old thrown out of Sunday School for questioning."

- Bobbi Dupré

This workshop has truly changed my life

"What I gained most was realizing how powerful I truly am! This workshop has truly changed my life."

- Rebecca Elkinson


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the dress code?

    The dress code is casual. Please wear comfortable clothing and dress in layers (as the air-conditioning or heating in the rooms cannot be adjusted to every attendee's preferences).

  • How many people do you expect to attend?

    We expect between 100-300 people at each World Tour event, occasionally more.

  • Will tickets be mailed?

    Tickets will not be mailed for World Tour events. If you’ve registered online in advance, your name will be on a list at the door when you arrive.

  • Can my children attend with me?

    This program is intended for adults, 18 and up. Some material covered may be inappropriate for younger ages, however mature 16-17 year-olds may attend with their parents if permission is granted ahead of time (they will be required to pay full price). To request permission, please send an email to [email protected]. No young children, toddlers, or infants, please.

  • How can I learn more about Mike’s spiritual views, so I know what to expect?

    1. You can read Mike's bio.
    2. You can watch the videos on our press page.
    3. You can explore our website, which explains Mike’s philosophies.

  • Is lunch included or should I bring my own?

    Some events include lunch. Please check the details of the event you plan to attend to find out if lunch is included. If lunch is not included, then we recommend bringing your own lunch or contacting the venue to inquire about nearby restaurants in the vicinity.

  • What is your cancellation/refund policy?

    We understand that the unexpected happens and you may need to cancel. No problem! Cancellations up to 7 days prior to an event are fully refundable minus a $35 admin fee. Within 7 days of the event, 50% refundable. Within 24 hours, non-refundable.

  • Can I volunteer at an event?

    We do occasionally need volunteers at World Tour events. If you’re interested in being a volunteer, please send an email to [email protected] and let us know.

  • Can I deduct my travel and participation costs as a business expense?

    This would depend on a number of factors, none of which we have control over. Please consult your accountant for the answer that applies to you.

  • Do you offer certification or teachings for life coaches?

    We do offer a Matrix Certification for Infinite Possibilities Certified Trainers who wish to attend Mike’s World Tour event and become certified in the material. If you’re interested in finding out more, email us at [email protected] for more information.

  • What’s your policy on recording events?

    We ask you to refrain from video or audio recording the event, unless you have received advance written approval (email [email protected] to request approval). Still photography or short videos recorded for your personal pleasure may be taken throughout the event.

  • What is the seating like? Is handicapped seating available?

    Seating is usually “classroom table” style but may at times be “theatre style” (without tables) to allow for more seats. Handicapped seating is available. Please email [email protected] with any special requests.

  • Are there scholarships available?

    Yes. We have a limited number of partial scholarships available for each event. This scholarship has been designed to help those in the greatest need of financial assistance. Scholarships do not include any personal lodging or travel accommodations. Click here to apply.



WANT TO BECOME A MATRIX CERTIFIED TRAINER? Now you can! Deepen your own knowledge of life’s truths while learning how to teach life’s truths to others.

Join our growing community of Certified Trainers in the US, Canada, Peru, India, the UK, and beyond, who are "reaching those who have not yet been reached" with the truth about life's magic and our power. Some are working in prisons, schools, and shelters, while others are using their training to launch or compliment their existing for-profit businesses of coaching and speaking. Send an email to [email protected] to find out more.

Learn how to unleash the phenomenal energy of an unfailing, responsive
Universe that wants for you, what you want for yourself.