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Alexandria Barker

Location: Ontario, CA

The difference I'm making: Alexandria Barker has recently taught two IP classes, is hosting a full IP workshop in December, and is giving an IP related talk to a group of high school students.


Jennifer Curtis

Location: Norfolk, VA

The difference I'm making: Jennifer Curtis overcame procrastination and the fear of perfection by setting up her first IP webinar, filming an intro video, and introducing IP to 9 people.

Mark Carter

Location: Scottsdale, AZ

The difference I'm making: Mark Carter will be hosting his #LivinForFun workshop in January of 2017. #LivinForFun helps you to stay self-accountable to your dreams and goals by incorporating fun mental exercises that accelerate the results you are looking for.

Linda Symonds

Location: Nova Scotia, CA

The difference I'm making: Linda Symonds free LIVE Infinite Possibilities Challenge will begin on December 5th. 5 Days of daily actionable steps to create more fun and joy every day.

Miriam Castilla

Location: North Adelaide, AU

The difference I'm making: Miriam Castilla is preparing to run the second round of her money bootcamp where she combines IP with Hypnosis to help smash through limiting beliefs.

Kathy Bennett

Location: Medford Lakes, NJ

The difference I'm making: Kathy Bennett partnered with the owner of a holistic center and scheduled her next Infinite Possibilities Workshop!!

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We currently have over 2,000 Certified Infinite Possibilities Trainers! Below is a small sampling of featured trainers who have completed the training program!

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