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Peggy Boon

Location: Delta, Canada

The difference I'm making: In April, Peggy Boon held a 2 hour IP workshop where she taught 32 energy workers at the British Columbia Therapuetic Touch Spring Conference.

Mary Jo Rakowski

Location: Green Bay, WI

The difference I'm making: Mary Jo Rakowski and Insha Mir just completed their 10 week Renew Women Program. Mary Jo also gave a presentation to the YWMCA Lunch and Learn Series on "Intentions vs. Resolutions," with a focus on IP.

Tracy Farquhar

Location: Oaklyn, NJ

The difference I'm making: Trailblazer and IP Conference presenter, Tracy Farquhar is excited to announce her new "Frank Talk" book, co-authored by yours truly! It's going to be published by Hay House!

Bob and Franne Demetrician

Location: Franklin Park, NJ

The difference I'm making: Bob and Franne Demetrician just completed another successful webinar on "How to Run Online Programs." Their turnout was great and they're excited to host another one soon!

Jennifer Sutton

Location: Phelps, NY

The difference I'm making: Jennifer Sutton is offering monthly IP classes to her community. She also started "The Dream Team," which is an in-person support group for IP alumni to help each other apply IP principles to their daily lives.

Rebecca Psigoda

Location: Columbus, OH

The difference I'm making: Rebecca Psigoda, creator of the "I Believe in Me and Infinite Possibilities" youth empowerment program along with Mary Jo Rakowski, led their first training weekend together with IP trainers Molly Reid, Amy Eiken and Debbie Pearson.

Miria Aquino Kutcher

Location: Boca Raton, FL

The difference I'm making: Congratulations to Miria Aquino Kutcher who hosted her first IP workshop in Brazil at the end of March. She had nearly 30 attendees!

Roxanne Ludwigson

Location: Milwaukee, WI

The difference I'm making: Roxanne Ludwigson led a one day intensive IP session at the University of Technology in Kingston, Jamaica. It went so well that she's planning to do a summer session as well!

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