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Rebecca Psigoda

Location: Columbus, OH

The difference I'm making: Rebecca Psigoda, creator of the "I Believe in Me and Infinite Possibilities" youth empowerment program along with Mary Jo Rakowski, led their first training weekend together with IP trainers Molly Reid, Amy Eiken and Debbie Pearson.

Miria Aquino Kutcher

Location: Boca Raton, FL

The difference I'm making: Congratulations to Miria Aquino Kutcher who hosted her first IP workshop in Brazil at the end of March. She had nearly 30 attendees!

Roxanne Ludwigson

Location: Milwaukee, WI

The difference I'm making: Roxanne Ludwigson led a one day intensive IP session at the University of Technology in Kingston, Jamaica. It went so well that she's planning to do a summer session as well!

Aaron Ngoh

Location: Singapore

The difference I'm making: Aaron Ngoh from Singapore is on a roll! He taught an IP Session for 3 hours to 40 participants. His session topic was "Thoughts Become Things."

Maggie McReynolds

Location: Boulder, CO

The difference I'm making: Maggie McReynolds wrote an article for the Huffington Post about an 8-year-old boy's quest to get a new word into the Italian dictionary. You can read the article here!

Linda Symonds & Jeoffrey Hutcherson

Location: Nova Scotia, Canada & Oconomowoc, WI

The difference I'm making: Linda Symonds is hosting a free webinar with Jeoffrey Hutcherson for Project Happiness about how to play more, have more passion for life, and grow your personal power.

Tricia Jones

Location: Hampshire, Great Britain

The difference I'm making: Tricia Jones joined Toastmasters in the UK and won best speaker of the night with her ice breaker, "Who is Tricia Jones?"

Heather Renee

Location: Lancaster, CA

The difference I'm making: After completing her IP course, one of Heather Renee's students not only passed an exam she had failed twice, but also received a $300 credit on her electricity bill and her car company forgave the difference on her car loan.

Alison Jones

Location: Great Britain

The difference I'm making: Alison Jones is moving to Spain from the UK. After putting it on her vision board, Allison got the asking price for her UK home with a cash buyer in record time.

Certified Trainers

The following‚ Certified Infinite Possibilities Trainers‚ have attended the training delivered by Mike Dooley and successfully taught the program to at least 6 students, each of whom received the full course training and completed the course workbook. If you are a Trainer who now qualifies, please let us know: Download PDF

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