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Carol Snell McMulkin

Location: Ontario, CA

The difference I'm making: Carol Snell McMulkin completed her first full day IP Class on August 6th with seven attendees! She has since received rave reviews.

Rebecca Psigoda

Location: Columbus, OH

The difference I'm making: Rebecca Psigoda graduated another class of inspired kids in her Infinite Possibilities: I Believe in ME! Program this summer.

Miriam Castilla

Location: North Adelaide, AUS

The difference I'm making: Miriam Castilla taught IP to a group of property investors and ran her first ever online IP Course.

Julie Bradshaw

Location: Leander, TX

The difference I'm making: Julie Bradshaw is a psychic and energy healer. She just did a reading that aired on Showtime!

Julie Melville

Location: Alberta, CA

The difference I'm making: Julie Melville completed her first IP class with a group of 3 students. 4 of her students have already reported that they are experiencing positive changes in their lives!

Karen Wilson

Location: Corpus Christi, TX

The difference I'm making: Karen Wilson held her first IP training workshop in Corpus Christi this month with 15 attendees!

Deb Martin

Location: Bloomington, IL

The difference I'm making: Deb Martin taught 3 IP workshops at the beginning of July. She was happy to report that there was a lot of participation from her students!

Dre Lavack

Location: Victoria, BC

The difference I'm making: Dre Lavack created and shared 30 mindset videos in 30 days for his "Free Your Mind 30 Day Challenge."

Bob and Franne Demetrician

Location: Franklin Park, NJ

The difference I'm making: Franne and Bob Demetrician are teaching Playing the Matrix as a webinar in two parts on July 20th and 27th!

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We currently have over 1,300 Certified Infinite Possibilities Trainers! Below is a small sampling of featured trainers who have completed the training program!

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