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Louise Gilchrist Grant

Location: Nashville, TN USA

The difference I'm making: Louise Gilchrist Grant began teaching Infinite Possibilities to a group of females who were incarcerated at the Davidson County Tennessee Jail. She expressed that it was "wonderful to see the wheels spinning in their heads as they started grasping their own powerful abilities."

Rebecca Psigoda

Location: Columbus, OH USA

The difference I'm making: Rebecca Psigoda led an Infinite Possibilities Program called "Empowering Today's Youth.” She taught an inspiring group of children at an educational facility run through the Homeless Families Foundations. Huge shifts, breakthroughs and magic happened for both the children and Rebecca. She'll be returning to facilitate two classes a week.

Tiffany Fast Rauch

Location: Billings, MT USA

The difference I'm making: Tiffany started teaching IP Classes to teen fosters at the Center for Children and Families. She created a special "Gift Box" as a way of communicating confidentially. Each teen turns in an envelope with index cards that they can either leave blank, express private thoughts on, or ask questions on. Tiffany hands back her responses at the following class.

Deb Hennen-Frischmon

Location: Waconia, MN USA

The difference I'm making: Deb Hennen-Frischmon was recently asked to present Infinite Possibilities for a rotary-sponsored mentoring program for high school students called STRIVE. She works with 45 high-potential students who face challenges with college and career planning.

Jonathan Benjamin

Location: Brandon, FL USA

The difference I'm making: Jonathan Benjamin gave a talk based on the Infinite Possibilities principles to a group at Northwestern Mutual. The talk was so well received that he was asked to give a proposal for future work and will now be giving monthly motivational talks to increase sales, productivity and rep retention.

Molly Reid

Location: Madison, AL USA

The difference I'm making: Molly Reid represented Infinite Possibilities for Curvy Women at the Charged up for Change expo. Molly teaches that all women can become true "Curvinistas" by living their life to the fullest potential and refusing to hold back. She believes that “Life doesn't happen in straight lines. We take the Curves with grace, courage and laughter."

Certified Trainers

The following‚ Certified Infinite Possibilities Trainers‚ have attended the training delivered by Mike Dooley and successfully taught the program to at least 6 students, each of whom received the full course training and completed the course workbook. If you are a Trainer who now qualifies, please let us know: Download PDF

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