1. Ordering Supplies and Study Materials

As a Certified Trainer you’ve earned the right to purchase supplies, books and materials for your students at cost, and in some cases, funds permitting, for free under our scholarship program. Just follow the appropriate links:

Please order well in advance to ensure timely arrival!

For the free downloadable editions of our workbook, see Resource 2, next.

2. Downloadable Infinite Possibilities Workbook

Our core training workbook, Infinite Possibilities: The Art of Changing Your Life, which is also available as a professionally printed manual, see resource 1, above, is available for free to trainers, trainees, and clients:

  • Click Here for English Workbook
  • Click Here for Spanish Workbook
  • Click Here for Portuguese Workbook
  • Click Here for English Workbook (with editable exercise fields, for digital completion)
  • Click Here for Spanish Workbook (with editable exercise fields, for digital completion)

3. Trailblazer Reporting Form

Click Here for the Trailblazer Reporting Form which is for Trainers who have delivered the program to a minimum of 6 students will be eligible to appear as a "Trailblazer" at the TUT website. Trainer listings on the website do not imply any affiliation or endorsement.

4. Presenter's Guide Download PDF

This Guide contains tips and techniques for Certified Trainers, and includes: finding a group to train, getting past the gate-keepers, templates for email communication, sample lesson plans, tips for leading exercises, tips for storytelling, tips for public speaking, dealing with difficult situations and questions, and more.

Addendums: The following items are not included in the current edition of the Presenter’s Guide and can be downloaded separately below:

  1. The Importance of Clear and Safe Boundaries – This article shares guidelines for consideration when dealing with topics beyond the scope of our program (such as mental health). Download PDF
  2. Beliefs Index, Perceived Benefits Form - This questionnaire has been designed for your students, to be administered before the start of your program (at the first meeting), and again upon completion. In both cases, students should complete the form in a classroom setting, and return directly to you upon completion. The results are for your own edification, and your final analysis should be reported to TUT. The expectation is to measure your students evolved and expanded world view, from more limited to more empowered.
  • Beliefs Index, Perceived Benefits Form - For Students. Have students complete a copy of this form twice: at the outset and conclusion of your program. - Download PDF
  • Beliefs Index, Perceived Benefits Form - For Trainers only. To assign points to their answers for comparison and reporting. - Download PDF
  • Beliefs Index Instructions - Download PDF

5. Proposal Letter & Program Summary Download PDF

A general introductory letter describing the program, as well as a summary outline of each section of the program and how it will be delivered over an 8 week course. Both the letter and program summary may be edited and personalized by each trainer to fit their individual needs.

6. Monthly Bridge Calls

To keep you up to date, plugged in, and feeling supported, we're now hosting a free, monthly bridge call open to all trainers!! Calls will usually last less than one hour. Each month's call will be led by a different Trailblazer and will cover a new topic. Details will be e-mailed and posted on the Trainer Facebook page. If you miss a call, don’t worry, we’ll post an archive of all the recordings below!

March Bridge Call: Wendy Issac - Manifesting a Miracle
February Bridge Call: Michael Winters - Pitching and Presenting IP to Corporate Clients with Michael Winters
January Bridge Call: Angie Charlebois - The Coach Approach
December Bridge Call: Appio Hunter - Using Effective Presentations to Teach IP
November Bridge Call: Mary Jo Rakowski - Crossing the River of Change
October Bridge Call: Phoenix Kawamoto - Utilizing the Power of Story
September Bridge Call: Ashley Sibille - Connecting with Your Audience
August Bridge Call: Nancy Weil - Supporting Those in Grief
Special Chicago Conference Call: Re-entry: Life After the IP Conference
July Bridge Call: Leigh Daniel - How to find Groups to Teach IP
June Bridge Call: Craig Wetter - Living Your Hero’s Journey
May Bridge Call: Deane Giordano - Taking it Online
April Bridge Call: Maggie McReynolds - Holding Space and Preparing to Teach
March Bridge Call: Michelle Spalding - Do What you Love and Delegate the Rest
February Bridge Call: Leslie Villelli - Possibili-Teens
January Bridge Call: Tracy Farquhar - Teaching IP as an Introvert
December Bridge Call: Regena Garrepy - Ready, Set, Go!
November Bridge Call: Kimberly Powers - Be a Rock Star on Stage
October Bridge Call: David Casti - Connecting IP with Neuropsychology
September Bridge Call: Regena Garrepy - Embodying Your Message
August Bridge Call: Gretchen Ehret - Prepare to Amaze
July Bridge Call: Andy Dooley - Vibration Activation

7. Infinite Possibilities Trainer Newsletters

An archive of monthly trainer newsletters (since the first training event in October 2011), in case you missed any.

May 2015 Newsletter
April 2015 Newsletter
March 2015 Newsletter
February 2015 Newsletter
January 2015 Newsletter
December 2014 Newsletter
November 2014 Newsletter
October 2014 Newsletter
September 2014 Newsletter
August 2014 Newsletter
July 2014 Newsletter
June 2014 Newsletter
May 2014 Newsletter
April 2014 Newsletter
March 2014 Newsletter
February 2014 Newsletter
December 2013 Newsletter
December IP Marketplace
November 2013 Newsletter
October 2013 Newsletter
September 2013 Newsletter
August 2013 Newsletter

TTT Matrix Announcement
July 2013 Newsletter
June 2013 Newsletter
May 2013 Newsletter
Update – Denver IP Conference
April 2013 Newsletter
March 2013 Newsletter
January 2013 Newsletter
December 2012 Newsletter
November 2012 Newsletter
October 2012 Newsletter
September 2012 Newsletter
August 2012 Newsletter
July 2012 Newsletter
June 2012 Newsletter
May 2012 Newsletter
April 2012 Newsletter
March 2012 Newsletter
February 2012 Newsletter
January 2012 Newsletter
December 2011 Newsletter
November 2011 Newsletter

8. Infinite Possibilities Trainer Logo

This are the Infinite Possibilities Certified Trainer logo and Infinite Possibilities The Art of Changing Your Life logo. Certified trainers are free to use these logos on their website, blog, business cards, newsletters, etc. Each logo is available in .jpeg, .png, and .ai formats and in various colors and
black and white.

  • Click Here for Infinite Possibilities Certified Trainer logo
  • Click Here for Infinite Possibilities The Art of Changing Your Life logo

9. Conference PDFs

  • Download PDF The 5 W's PLUS Getting to Go/Trailblazer
    PLUS Keys to Kingdom w/ Mike
  • Download PDF Workbook Review w/ Mike

10. Infinite Possibilities LIVE Recording Download MP3

Mike explains how Infinite Possibilities came to be over a 20 year span. He addresses its most important messages, including how to use your imagination, how to understand your emotions, and where instincts come from. Plus insights on relationships, beliefs, and "what" the Universe really is.

11. Trailblazer's Panel Presentations!

A highly anticipated segment of each of our conferences is when we host a panel of our new Trailblazers who became Certified Trainers at a prior conference, who have returned to share with new Trainers how they found their audience, crafted their speech, and all else they learned from the experience!

12. Certificate of Completion Download Document

This certificate is for trainers who wish to award their program graduates with a certificate of completion after they have successfully completed the full Infinite Possibilities course and workbook.

13. Trainers on Facebook Join our Group

Join our Gifts from the Universe Facebook Group. Connect with Infinite Possibilities Trainers world-wide to see what others are doing, share ideas, and be a part of the movement to make the world a better place.

14. Toastmasters Learn More

Since 1924, more than 4 million people around the world have become more confident speakers and leaders because of their participation in Toastmasters. Mike was a member for 7 years and highly recommends it as a tool for other speakers. A great resource for new and advanced speakers alike.

15. Certification Release - Download Waiver Download PDF

This is the agreement signed by Certified Trainers that, among other things, clarifies the relationship between trainers, Mike Dooley, and TUT.

16. Helpful Videos from Mike Dooley

For years, we have been asked by Trainers to provide short videos about the Infinite Possibilities Program that can be shared with students and gatekeepers. Below you will find 3 videos from Mike about the program, including 1) a gate keeper video to share with leaders/organizations that you want to help 2) an introduction video to share with your students at the beginning of your course, and 3) a graduation video to share with your students after they complete the course.

17. Matrix Certification – Learn more

Get licensed to teach Playing the Matrix! Infinite Possibilities Certified Trainers are now eligible to learn and teach Mike Dooley’s newest touring material Playing the Matrix, a program designed to walk you through the entire process of reality creation.

18. Matrix Video – Watch on YouTube

This video is from our San Diego Train the Trainer Conference and features Infinite Possibilities Trailblazer, Tim O'Kelley, sharing insights about his experience teaching The Matrix. If you want to take your game up a notch, Tim is a life-long career teacher of inspiration and self-improvement. Watch this video and learn from a pro!

19. Trailblazer Mastermind Course – Learn more

Infinite Possibilities Trainers - get extra personalized support in understanding the Presenter’s Guide, crafting your lessons, overcoming doubt and marketing yourself and the IP course. Join the Tut Training Team and experienced Trailblazers who will walk you step-by-step through reaching Trailblazer status and becoming a successful Trainer.

20. Recommended Reading List

These are the books that have helped define and confirm Mike's thoughts and beliefs about life. Wonderful and highly recommended reads for both students and teachers alike.

Like all of the 'Seth' books (and they are all outstanding), this one is very deep, objective, even a bit complex, but I consider Seth to be the 'Grand - Daddy' of them all!

Each of the books in this series are mindblowers. They're also very easy and fun to read!

Awesome clarity. EXTREMELY inspirational! Lots of Biblical and Christian references, BUT explained as they were originally meant, without the religious spin.

The entire series of Emmanuel books offer gentle, yet powerful, reminders of how Angelic we all are. Wonderful!

Profound wisdom in a timeless, world famous story. A perennial bestseller.

VERY friendly, powerful and inspirational! Another easy read. A MUST! An absolute MUST! One of the most powerful of all the titles listed here.

Very simple and powerful advice, written in the 1920's! Easy reading for any age.

Insight into life's most basic truths. Another perennial, international best seller... for good reason!

Holy Cow, mind-bending! Volumes 1 and 2 of this 6 volume set are as adventurous as they are inspirational! Read these!!!

If you ever thought that you might like wealth, READ THIS BOOK! A startlingly unique and encouraging perspective!

Exhilarating, fun, and easy to read! These two books by
Richard Bach are on almost everyone's list for good reason!

Although Ayn Rand was an agnostic/atheist, her books are extremely spiritual in that she considered herself a 'man worshiper,' and because she reveled in the glory of life and our ability to have dominion over it all. Her epic novels are spellbinding, romantic and deeply philosophical. Her talent is off the charts!

The classic on out-of-body experiences!

The classic take on after life experiences!

Totally "wow" ideas on the afterlife, why we're here and how we may choose to "pass," dishes cool stuff on "God," wealth, and much more.

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